To ensure that wire length does not cause excess resistance, refer to Table 1 and ensure that the wires from the thermostat to the HVAC equipment are not too long. Page Installation Installation This section provides installation instructions. Page Wiring To wire the thermostat: 1. Connect the wires to the terminal block s packaged in the box with the thermostat.

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Recommended wire lengths Maximum recommended wire length from unit Wire size controller to sensor Meters Feet 0. Page 8: Installation Installation This section provides step-by-step installation instructions. Read through the pre-installation information before proceeding with the installation.

Disconnect all electric power, including remote disconnects before servicing. Failure to disconnect power before servicing could result in death or serious injury. Applying excessive voltage to the sensor will permanently damage it. Page 10 Table 2.

Hook the cover over the top of the back plate. Apply light pressure to the bottom of the cover until it snaps in place. Secure the cover by installing the security screw into the bottom of the cover. Display with all the symbols appearing Zone temperature and setpoint temperature System settings Page Configuration Configuration The programmable zone sensor is configured by selecting options to determine system and functional operations.

Page 14 Configuration Table 3. Page 15 Configuration Table 3. Page 16 Configuration Table 4. Configuration options for sensors used with variable-air-volume VAV units continued Option number Function Option Value Default Description Default temporary 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 hours Sets the default temporary override time in hours.

Page Operation Operation This section describes sensor operations, explains sensor symbols, and provides the default settings. Set-up Procedures The following procedures show how to set up the programmable zone sensor for operation using the keypad and display. Procedures begin at the home screen see Figure Figure 5. From the home screen, select the fan setting by pressing powers On and Off as needed to reach twice and then the selected temperature.

Press to select the desired fan setting. To use this feature, the sensor must be configured for 7 programmable days per week and scheduling must be completely blank. Press to select the cooling setpoint. The top arrow of the selected setpoint symbol and the cooling symbol flash. The current cooling setpoint appears or dashes if nothing has been set. Press to change the cooling setpoint for the period you are scheduling.


Temperature Sensors

January 21, Updated WARNING: Information in this article is intended for use by individuals possessing adequate backgrounds of electrical and mechanical experience and who comply with all federal, state, and local laws, rules, orders, or regulations related to the installation, service, or repair of a heating or central air conditioning product. The manufacturer or seller cannot be responsible for the interpretation of the information contained herein, nor can it assume any liability in connection with its use. This Literature can be obtained at your local Trane Parts Center. Verify unit operation by running unit through test mode. Verify that the PZS has a normal display of time, temperature, fan and system status.


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