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SANS Concrete poles for telephone, power and lighting purposes SANS Concrete retaining blocks SANS Precast concrete paving slabs SANS Concrete roofing tiles SANS Reinforced concrete pressure pipes SANS Concrete non-pressure pipes SANS Fibre-cement sheets flat and profiled SANS Fibre-cement boards SANS Fibre-cement pipes, couplings and fittings for sewerage, drainage and low-pressure irrigation SANS Precast concrete kerbs, edgings and channels SANS Prestressed concrete pipes SANS Precast reinforced concrete culverts SANS Concrete paving blocks SANS Concrete masonry units SANS Fibre-cement pressure pipes and couplings SANS Precast concrete manhole sections and components SANS Prefabricated concrete components for fences SANS Prestressed concrete lintels SANS Precast concrete suspended slabs SANS Polymer concrete surface boxes, manhole and inspection covers, gully gratings and frames SANS EN Specification for masonry units.

Energy efficiency in buildings SANS Construction and management requirements for works contracts. Construction works. The waterproofing of buildings including damp-proofing and vapour barrier installation SANS Fixing of concrete interlocking roofing tiles SANS The structural use of concrete.

Selection of pipes for buried pipelines. Concrete floors. Code of practice for use with standard specifications for civil engineering construction and contract documents SANS Concrete masonry construction SANS Accuracy in buildings SANS Basis of structural design and actions for buildings and industrial structures.

Code of practice for the structural use of masonry. The structural use of masonry. The design and construction of private swimming pools. The application of the National Building Regulations. Application of the National Building Regulations. Part X, Environmental sustainability.

Execution of concrete structures SANS Non-automatic self-indicating, semi-self-indicating and non-self-indicating weighing instruments with denominated verification scale intervals SANS Sampling procedures for inspection by attributes. Test sieves - technical requirements and testing. Test sieves - Technical requirements and testing.

Verification of compression testing machines for concrete: calibration of load scale SANS General requirements for the competence of verification laboratories SANS General requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories SANS Metal ties for cavity walls SANS Burnt clay masonry units SANS Labelling requirements for prepackaged products prepackages and general requirements for the sale of goods subject to legal metrology control SANS Tolerances permitted for the accuracy of measurements of products including prepackaged products in terms of legal metrology legislation SANS Limes for use in building SANS Wheelbarrows SANS Sealing compounds for the building and construction industry, two-component, polyurethane-base SANS Ceramic wall and floor tiles SANS Burnt clay paving units SANS Control of the quantity of contents in prepacked packages within the prescriptions of legal metrology legislation SANS Paints and varnishes - panels for testing: fibre-cement panels SANS Quality management systems - fundamentals and vocabulary SANS Design and installation of ceramic tiling SANS Products and systems for the protection and repair of concrete structures: test methods: determination of creep in compression for repair products SANS Bending dimensions and scheduling of steel reinforcement for concrete SANS Steel bars for concrete reinforcement SANS Welded steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete SANS Detailing of steel reinforcement for concrete SANS Drinking water.

Standard test methods for arsenic in water SANS Water - cadmium contents SANS Water - copper content SANS Water - iron content SANS Water - lead content SANS Water - manganese content SANS Water - nitrate and nitrite content SANS Water - zinc content SANS Water - free and saline ammonia content SANS Water - albuminoid ammonia content SANS Water - oxygen absorption SANS Water - dissolved oxygen content SANS Water - chemical oxygen demand SANS Water - suspended solids content SANS Water - sodium content SANS Water - chromium content SANS Water - orthophosphate content SANS Water - sulfide content SANS Water - pretreatment for metal analysis SANS Water - aluminium content SANS Water - cobalt content SANS Water - nickel content SANS Sulfate content of water turbidimetric method SANS Water quality - determination of electrical conductivity SANS





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