Dougore I am a music teacher. But does need better explanations in the beginning. Accessories Cases Covers Stands. Lists with This Book.

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To begin with: a brief biography. Longer, more detailed ones are available from a number of sources. To help you locate one of my compositions I have prepared two lists of work: one by publisher and one by instrument. On this web site recordings, books and articles are separate. Neither are reviews. I hope you find this information useful and I thank you for your interest. He became an American citizen in He was named a Distinguished Professor in His stage works include three operas with libretti by Gail Godwin and several ballets for Martha Graham.

His orchestral works have been performed by major orchestras here and abroad under such conductors as Mitropoulos, Bernstein, Steinberg, and Mehta. The opening chapter was excerpted in The Keyboard Companion. From: Continuo: A Life in Music, Random House, New York, "Nations go through stages just as human beings do; in essence there are only three such stages not counting birth and death , the first being ascent and the vigor of youth; the second maturity and the height of power; the third decline and the diminishing of vital forces.

The Austria of my childhood was already past the third stage. The Jewish Palestine I knew in my teens had just begun its youthful ascent and was the most idealistic society I have even known. The British were just beyond their highest peak when I proudly wore their uniform.

They fought valiantly, but while they did win the war, it cost them dearly. The United States that I came to as a student in , was young, pure and strong when I arrived. It had beaten evil and felt itself untainted by it. Why all these observations? Mainly to see my own life in relation to that of societies I have been part of.

It appears that I have swum against the stream; that I moved from an old, decaying civilization to a young, powerful one, having touched others in between. How has all this affected me and my music? I have probably selected what suited me from all the cultures that have touched me, and rejected or ignored what was incompatible with my nature. In my music, I have been told, there are elements of Viennese sentiment, Jewish melisma, Near Eastern playfulness and American jazz.

These elements must have been compatible with my nature to have become part of my style and musical personality. Other features of the cultures I have known did not become part of me. This has led me to believe that while our lives are shaped by events that others control, we do have the choice of accepting from the worlds around us only what can coexist with our essential self.


Rhythmic Training



Rhythmic Training by Robert Starer


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