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Personally I liked the LinuxCBT series the best however it was also the longest at 40 hours, though I skipped some of the videos that were about topics that I knew were not covered in the RHCSA exam, the exam objectives page here lists the topics that are covered. This book was good as per the name it was directed at the subjects that are in the RHCSA exam, however I liked the real world skills for red hat administrators book better as it seemed more practical, as per the name I suppose.

RH Course Review In addition to the above materials, I was also doing the RHCSA Rapid Track Course with Exam RH which is a 4 day course with the exam on the 5th day, however I tend to over prepare and learn as much as possible as it helps me feel less nervous when it gets closer to taking the exam, in any case it beats failing and having to pay to take it again! Basically the Rapid Track course is the combination of both of these, from what was explained to me on the first day, so it depends on your current skill level.

You also get to see the areas you are good and not so good at which helps you know where to focus your time towards improving. The course covered essentially everything that was in the exam. This is why I found the RH course so great, because the whole thing was basically a hands on lab where you have to work through things and complete various tasks. A great alternative is to look at using another distribution like CentOS. Looking back I probably would have been better off doing that course from the start and completing both exams together so I may have underestimated my skills when selecting one to do.

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Red Hat System Administration I

Guides, tutorials, reviews and news for System Administrators. Look no further! The lessons will walk you through each exam objective and show you practical examples in Linux that you can follow along with in your own lab environment. We first begin by showing you how to set up the lab environment, and then jump straight into the practical examples. Each lesson will conclude with a list of important things that you need to remember for the exam, including specific commands and locations to inbuilt documentation that may be referred to during the exam.


Complete RHCSA 8 Study Guide

You will learn how to apply command-line concepts and enterprise-level tools, starting you on your journey toward becoming a full-time Linux system administrator. Access the command line Log into a Linux system and run simple commands using the shell. Manage files from the command line Copy, move, create, delete, and organize files while working from the bash shell. Create, view, and edit text files Manage text files from command output or in a text editor. Manage local users and groups Create, manage, and delete local users and groups, as well as administer local password policies.





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