And as shocking twists, dark secrets, and explosive betrayals within the Brandon family come to the light, Shane must fight harder than ever bakcs. And talk about a cliff hanger of the non smexy kind at the end!! She was just trying to help him! Torn between his love of the game — and the woman who may be the love of his life I will say that the point of view was a little odd for me. A thrilling and fast-paced mystery in the much-loved Stephanie Plum series from No.

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Two M y eyelids are heavy, too heavy to lift. Light glows white behind them. I turn toward its source, and it gets even brighter. I crack my eyes open, peel their stickiness apart. Light shoots through my head like an electric shock.

I cringe and squeeze my eyes shut again. My mouth is dry. My tongue, stuck to the roof, is limp and swollen. I open my eyes again, slowly this time, just narrow slits to get used to the light. All I see is sky, clear and blue. Where am I? Panic surges through my chest and squeezes tight enough to make me gasp. How did I get here? I sit up. Ropes tie my hands to the bed. My heart rate speeds, my muscles quake, my eyes dart around the room and land on you.

I remember you. The club. The drink. Skirt—still on. Top—still on. Underwear, bra—both in place. My shoes are the only things missing. I shift away as far as I can, press my shoulder against the cold windowpane.

You lean forward and rest your elbows on the mattress. We stare at one another. Your intense gaze is the same as the last time I saw it—when you drugged me. My chest heaves with the effort of breathing. My heart races.

You reach for a bottle of water on the nightstand, twist the cap off and hold it to my lips. The ropes scratch and burn my wrists. You smile. I promise. Tears gush from my eyes. Your face is etched with remorse. Flames of rage dance in my belly, crackle and roar inside me. I dart for you, thrashing against the ropes. I will kill you. Tear you apart. Let me leave! You reach out and grab my shoulders. My wrists bleed. I throw myself back onto the pillow and scream at the top of my lungs.

I scream until my eyes throb, until my ears pop, until my voice is only a rasp. You stand over me and stroke my hair back from my forehead. I watch you leave hating myself for ever thinking your body was something I wanted. Why did you take me? Is this human trafficking? Will you sell me as a prostitute, a sex slave? My chest aches, and my breath hitches and shakes.

I have to keep it together and find a way out. I run my eyes over the long, rectangular room. A nightstand sits beside the bed and the chair you sat in. At the end of the bed, a dresser is pushed against the wall. The couch and T. The ceiling is slanted. My phone. They can track me that way. Did you take it? My dad died last year. Her reaction to losing me to a job offer in Florida a few months ago was bad enough to keep me from taking it and leaving Ohio.

Did anyone see us together? Did anyone see us leave? If they flash my picture on T. I close my eyes and try to think. My only way out of here is you. I have to be calm and rational when you return.

What do you want with me? I have no answer. I want to be untied. Am I giving anything away? Slowly, you reach for the rope and untie my wrist closest to you, then reach across and untie the other. Before you can restrain me, I grab the steaming bowl of soup and throw it at you.

It hits your chest, and I dart from the bed. Your reflexes are fast, and mine are slow from being drugged. Your fingers wrap around my arm and yank me back against your wet chest. One strong arm wraps around my shoulders and holds me in place. Your dark eyes bore into mine. I glare back at you then spit in your face. Your fingers squeeze. Your thumbs could crack my collarbone. You close your eyes and breathe out hard. I grab the ropes before you have a chance, and we grapple with them.

You press your forearm into my chest and pin me to the bed. I bite your shoulder. The ropes slide through my fingers and burn like hot liquid as you pull them from me. We pant for breath, winded from our struggle. You collapse back in your chair and shove your fingers through your wavy hair, exasperated. Did you think this would be easy? Blisters are already puffing out on your smooth chest. My teeth pierced your shoulder. I run my eyes down over your defined abs and turn away as heat pulses through me.

What is wrong with me? I let my eyes roam back to you. This might be my only way out. You study me with a blank expression. Why do you care if I eat? You kidnapped me. A shower turns on somewhere down the hall.


Leitura atual: Maine Kelli-No Take Backs a Taken Novella






Review: Taken and No Take Backs by Kelli Maine



No Take Backs (2000)


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