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The short answer is that no other publisher works the way we do. Instead of using freelance writers who get no training, we use a small staff of programmers who are trained in our proven writing and teaching methods. Instead of publishing dozens of new books each year, we write and publish just a few. And instead of rushing books to market, we refuse to let schedule or budget interfere with quality.

The problem was that you had to dig through dozens of pages of text to get the information that you needed. And if you wanted to refer back to that information, you had to dig it out again.

This means that you are able to read less and learn faster. Information is on the left page and the visual of what is being discussed is on the right page - genius! As a result, you can start doing real work after just a few chapters. Then, you can add to those skills by reading the rest of the book. I have a form with over controls and am having a blast with POST arrays! You can learn new skills whenever you need them After the first section or two of each book, the other sections and chapters are designed as independent modules.

We call this "modular organization. Call it "just-in-time training. Our complete, real-world applications lead to mastery From the first book we published in to the present, all of our books teach by presenting complete, real-world applications, including the design, code, and all related components. As we see it, studying applications like these is the best way to learn how all of the parts of an application work together, so this is an essential part of the learning process.

And yet it is the missing ingredient in most competing books. The examples in your book have meat, meaning you can port the concepts to a current application you are working on. You get more practice in less time with our exercises The exercises in our books let you get valuable, hands-on experience without wasting any time. Beyond that, our exercises never present new skills or information. As we see it, this is the only sensible approach to text and exercise design. In contrast, the exercises in competing books commonly present new skills as they step you through the development of an application.

They reinforce the main points and force you to get your hands dirty. Instead, you usually only have to refer to the right page in a pair to get all the rules, guidelines, and coding examples that you need.

Your manuals allow me to keep current as well as being great references for those things I need to refresh on.


Murach's Mainframe COBOL

It works if you have no programming experience. Those programs need to be maintained. And this is the only book that shows you the techniques that were used to develop those programs. In summary, then, this is the right book for anyone who needs to use structured COBOL on a mainframe. You can read these chapters in sequence or in any order you prefer.





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