I think "Extras" is more for the reader who is a super fan of the Uglies series and loves futuristic backgrounds. The story is farther in the future of Tally, deals with a lot of technology, human advancements, hoverboards, face ranks in your eyes, hovercams The main character this time is a fifteen-year-old girl called Aya who lives in the future Japan, and at her city, popularity and fame make everything keep going. All kinds of surge were created and technology for fun. Where Aya lives, what we call money nowadays would be their merits and reputation ranks that they get from doing their assigned jobs and getting popular. Tally Youngblood has an appearance in the middle of the book; by the time she put down the old system, she became really famous, and some people even cult her - which I think was a little exaggeration from the author, although she did a great work for the humanity.

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She is loved, she is feared, and she is respected by her actions. Refresh and try again. They are taught to hate themselves. Besides being a writer Scott has held the positions of factory worker making lead soldierssubstitute teacher, textbook editor, software designer and ghost writer.

I mean, I felt livr I was following a group of rank hungry teenagers instead of the strong Tally Youngblood. More books from this author: Con tutte le tue modifiche che ti aspettavi? Now, controlled cities with extreme rules on physical appearance are the name of the game.

A few years after rebel Tally Youngblood takes down the Specials regime, a cultural renaissance sweeps the world. In a far stretched but also obvious way, Scott was able to mimic our society today. Fxtras Westerfeld writes a compelling futuristic, action packed series which follows his heroine, Tally Youngblood, through the process of being an Ugly, a Pretty, a Special, and finally, a freedom fighter who protects what is natural and real.

The book is weterfeld to be about her discovery that there are more important things in the world than being pretty. I strongly recommend this book for girls seeking a thought provoking book that will make your mind full with thoughts. Scott is an author for a total of eighteen books. Open Preview See a Problem? A Torch Against the Night. Seeing as this world was so different from ours, there had to be a reason, right? Tu nombre en pantalla debe contener por lo menos 2 caracteres.

Tally Youngblood on her hoverboard is an unorthodox heroine and I loved her sense of adventure. Extras is a young adult science fiction novel written by Scott Westerfeld. He describes the roller coaster so well, like he was looking at it. Having followed Tally and her friends throughout the series, I hated jumping to a totally new group of people, a completely new country even. So different to anything I have read before and an interesting view in to the human race.

Sign up and get a free eBook! Tally well-represents what it is to be a teenager, and I appreciate the depth even the supporting characters bring. This is a series I have wanted to read for awhile and finally got the chance to when a group member on goodreads nominated it for a challenge. Jan 26, Hayley rated it it was amazing. Zane — I absolutely loved Zane and my full support was behind him all the way! Most Related.


{Resenha} Feios — Scott Westerfeld

Early life[ edit ] Westerfeld was born in Dallas, Texas. He saw his father working with planes, submarines, and the Apollo missions. Westerfeld graduated from Vassar College with a B. Westerfeld began his career writing novels for adults, but switched to YA literature with his Midnighters trilogy. While The Last Days is not a sequel to Peeps, it follows a group of different characters in the same setting. So Yesterday is not related to these novels, but is often grouped with them because it is also set in New York City. He has also written the Leviathan series, an alternate history trilogy set in World War I consisting of Leviathan , Behemoth and Goliath , plus its illustrated guide The Manual of Aeronautics.


Scott Westerfeld





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