Doubar I considered the possibility of using piztolabecause in certain parts of the south of Spain it is normal to change the sound [s] into revrnants [z], and some people still regard that as a mispronunciation more than a dialectal feature. Words in bold type are used in quotations to emphasize certain points. The play was first performed in Sweden at Helsingborg on 22 August The first Spanish performance took place in Barcelona in April revenant However, some editorial work was carried out. Ghosts play — Wikipedia Swear words, mispronunciations and grammatical errors can, for example, turn a tragic scene into a comic one.

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Mogor As repetitions are often avoided in literature, translators frequently resort to alternative translations for the same phrase. An award-winning —14 Reevenants production opened at the Almeida Theatre on 26 September and transferred to the West End at Trafalgar Studios on 9 December, running through 22 March He finished it by the end of November [10] and published it in Copenhagen on 13 December.

We found this book important for the readers who want to know more about our old treasure in old look so we brought it back to the shelves. Firstly kbsen the short length of this article does not allow it, but also because some of the main problems I am discussing here have to do with colloquial language, and this is the aspect of the Spanish language that changes most from one country to the other. Regular tragedy dealt mainly with the unhappy consequences of breaking the moral code.

Even when my first approach was to produce a literal translation, the fact that I was dealing with dramatic texts forced me to grapple with many subtleties that I had initially overlooked. Yes, you and your father will do yourselves a mischief some day with that there pigstol.

Retrieved 23 September Modern Spanish has tended to diminish social differences in speech. So in the end, after checking that they actually had revolvers in Norway at the time, I decided to use that word instead, even if a pistol and a revolver are not exactly the same thing. But her husband continued his affairs until his death, and Mrs. In order to mitigate the shock all the swearing could give some Spanish readers, I decided to use explanatory footnotes.

The regenants Catalonian authors were interested in a revolutionary author from Norway, a country that was finding its way towards independence, and they saw in him a possible example of how to develop their own national Catalonian literature. Ghosts was at that time prohibited by the censor, because it reflects on the Church.

Although the translators in the Ibsen in Translation project have meetings for each play, where we discuss the problems we encounter in our job specially related to the interpretation and contextualization of the textin the end we are authors of our translations.

Les Revenants In other cases it was impossible, so I had to leave them out. But first I will present a short overview of the reception of Ibsen in Spain, 2 which may explain the kind of translation I decided to produce.

The play received many European performances. Showing best matches Show all copies. Ibsen,Un enemigo del puebloMadrid, Alianza Editorial. The enormous influence he has ibse on theatre around the world has been exerted mostly through translation. It was therefore necessary to allow her to speak a radically modern language in Spanish as well. Ghosts play — Wikipedia When Ghosts was produced in Norway it scandalised Norwegian society and Ibsen was strongly criticised.

Again, the situation in Catalonia and the rest of Spain is quite different. Despite its age and the fact that it was translated from German and French into Spanish, it is a translation that I particularly value.

Any type of Customisation is possible. The question is that these nuances, or their absence, may affect the interpretation of a character and even of a play, transforming comic scenes into tragic ones, or crazy characters into respectable ones. See, for example, Ozimek-Maier Words in bold type are used in quotations to emphasize certain points.

I compensated the loss by introducing a mispronunciation somewhere else. The situation is not dissimilar with regard to the literary translations published in book form. Sign up to receive offers and updates: As far as I know, the only other translations into Spanish published in Spain that have been directly translated from Norwegian are: The nuances in their lines are so accurate that, in the Norwegian original, one can feel the difference between the language these characters use when they speak to each other and the one they use when making an effort to speak in a more refined manner.

Ibsen has had a long life of his own in the Spanish language on the other side of the Atlantic, but I will not go into his reception in Latin America. Different translations focus on different aspects of the text and open different doors to the original. Advanced Book Search Browse by Subject. One of the main arguments for producing new translations of classical authors is precisely to make them contemporary.

IbsentranslationtheatreSpanishoral textsswear wordssocial differences. Sign In Register Help Cart. But this would have meant that Gina would be seen as a Spanish southerner. Having recently completed his work building Mrs. Complex words in Germanic languages such as Norwegian are usually the ones derived from Latin, while in Spanish those words are commonplace. Related Posts.


« Les Revenants », d’après Henrik Ibsen (critique), Théâtre Nanterre-Amandiers


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Les revenants d`Henrik Ibsen



Les revenants de Henrik Ibsen


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