Zuluramar Sphinx-based search by Digital Point. The Catholic clergy are naturally expected to direct inquirers to sources of the needed information; yet they find only too often that the proper answers to the questions proposed are not to be met with in English literature. In the past century the Church as grown both extensively and intensively among English-speaking peoples. There are 5, settlements, of which only 11 have more than 5, inhabitants, while 4, contain less persons. The number of iatolicka to the square mile in these districts is as follows: Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

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It was completed in April, For two years before the formation of a Board of Editors those who were to be its editors and publishers met together occasionally to confer about its publication. These meetings resulted in an agreement among the editors on December 8, , to begin the work early the next year and in the choice of those who were to be its publishers. The Board of Editors, five in number, was organized in January, , and its membership remained the same throughout the production of the work.

All the members had been engaged in editorial work before the Encyclopedia was thought of. As teachers and lecturers they had become familiar with the field of education and with the needs of Catholic literature. Through experience gained in different spheres of activity they had reached the same conclusions regarding the necessity of a Catholic Encyclopedia and the advisability of proceeding at once with its publication. The editors were elected also as members of the Board of Directors of the publishing company which was incorporated in February, , and they were given full authority in all matters affecting the nature, contents and policy of the Encyclopedia.

On February 25 they signed a contract to produce The Catholic Encyclopedia. Two years were spent in studying every phase of the project, in arranging its details and in selecting the requisite methods for carrying on the work carefully and expeditiously. While a systematic procedure was thus determined upon, it by no means precluded later discussion of ways and means; the system itself required that each step should be seriously considered, and for this purpose the regular meetings of the Board were continued during the entire course of publication.

On January 11, , Charles G. Pallen, Editor, Rt. Thomas J. Wynne, S. Between that date and April 19, , they held formal meetings to consider the plan, scope and progress of the work, besides having frequent informal conferences and constant intercommunication by letter.

Although freedom of religion was constitutionally guaranteed by the Congress of Berlin, the position of the Catholic Church is a disadvantageous one, as the Orthodox clergy put various difficulties in the way of parochial work.

In the course of the nineteenth century negotiations were several times begun for the erection of a Latin bishopric in Servia. Under Leopold I the Serbs or Raizi, who had been established on Hungarian territory since , were designated as the Illyrian nation; to provide for their protection against Magyar incursions a special office was created at the Court of Vienna, known as the Illyrian Court Deputation, which was abolished in , and in enjoyed a brief revival as the "Illyrian Imperial Chancery.

About , belong to the Greek Orthodox Church; 12, are Catholics mostly Albanians , and about 14, are Mohammedans. The capital is Cetinje. The number of persons to the square mile is small about 80 , less than that in any of the other Austrian crown provinces excepting Salzburg about This average does not vary much in the six districts five in Bosnia, one in Herzegovina. The number of persons to the square mile in these districts is as follows: Doljna Tuzla, ; Banjaluka, 96; Bihac, 91; Serajevo, 73, Mostar Herzegovina , 65, Travnik, There are 5, settlements, of which only 11 have more than 5, inhabitants, while 4, contain less persons.

Excluding some 30, Albanians living in the south-east, the Jews who emigrated in earlier times from Spain, a few Osmanli Turks, the merchants, officials. Although one in race, the people form in religious beliefs three sharply separated divisions: the Mohammedans, about , persons 35 per cent , Greek Schismatics, about , persons 43 per cent , and Catholics, about , persons The emigrants soon took the same name.

Some of them were converted to Catholicism through the efforts of Dimitrovich, Latin Bishop of Agram, who granted their leader, the monk Simeon Vratania.





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