Nasho That is why the followers of various religions had expressed doubts about the validity of their own scriptures. Arya samaji people tend to hold mixed views and they also do silly things like call krishn and ram prophets or they say krishn was teaching Veda to Arjun during the Gita. This expression is used for all Prophets of Allah. I bestow all rights to this literature in favour of the publisher. You dismissed this ad.

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Dujas We human beings can never come to a conclusion on this matter, on the basis of our limited knowledge and the power of judgement that we can muster. Opinions greatly differ as to the date of compilation or revelation of the four Vedas. The Hindus regard it as the Word of God.

Zakir Naik tell lies about Kalki Avatar? Obviously, the description of God hy each case varies, from a metaphysical, and more correctly, from an ontological point of view. The last one is a commentary on the Vedas, but it is considered as a revealed book. And there never was a people without a warner having lived among them in the past. All major books of the Hindus prophesy about Prophet Mohammad.

By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Secondly, as Antim Rishi — the Final Sage. Where would be Hanumanji during Kalki avatar? The Vedas contain many prophecies about Prophet Muhammad. You are commenting using your WordPress.

However, some Pandits consider the Upanishads to be superior to praksah Vedas primarily from the internal evidence found in the Upanishads. Firstly, I have not translated it from his original Hindi. I like to write articles in Assamese and English. It is not known when this word began to be used in the derogatory sense, whether before the advent of Prophet Muhammad safter the conversion of Hindu King Chakrawati Farmas of Malabar, located on the southwest coast of India to Islam during the lifetime of the Prophet, soon after the arrival of Muslims in India CE or sometime later.

If the current scriptures of the world are examined closely, it will become evident that some of them remained dormant and some others were kept hidden from the eyes of men for hundreds, even thousands of years.

Where is Zakir Naik nowadays? The sanctity and reverence of the Puranas is admitted and recognized in all the authentic books of the Hindus. The compiler of the Puranas, Mahrishi Vyasais highly honored among the Hindus as a great rishi and learned person. These books are in Sanskritthe sacred language of the Hindus. He owes his success to 1 strategy. Nevertheless, the Vedas are the most authentic scriptures of the Hindus.

Kalki, ay and Hazrat Mohammad[D:] syedjiaulhussainblog To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: About syedjehu I am an engineer. The right direction is henceforth distinct from error. Only He is worthy of praise. Please see this image. It is my sincere request to Muslims and any person who is listening to this snake Zakir niak and those like ved Prakash who are trying to make money and divide people.

What is your review of Was Prophet Muhammad so. Kalki, V. So, in trying to upgrade our MAN, it may turn out to be a case of downgrading our God.


Kalki, V.P.Upadhyay and Hazrat Mohammad[D:]

The minor camp, of those who do not believe in the existence of God, is growing in size rather rapidly. The major camp, of those who do believe in the existence of God, is riddled with an endless variety of mutual rivalry and is shrinking in size faster than ever. Consequently, the squabble goes on and a third camp, that of the agnostics, is growing monstrously and is snatching away control of all aspects of human life from the two older, war-weary camps. These men are known by ordinary men, sometimes as saints, sometimes as sages, at other times as prophets, and yet other times as God Himself in the garb of a man. Obviously, the description of God in each case varies, from a metaphysical, and more correctly, from an ontological point of view. God certainly does not show up in His actual form to us.


Kalki Avtar In Urdu by Prof Pundit Vaid Parkash Upadhyay

Avatar means "descent" and refers to a descent of the divine into the material realm of human existence. The Garud Puran lists ten avatars , with Kalki being the tenth. He ends the darkest, degenerating and chaotic stage of the Kali Yug period to remove adharm and ushers in the Satya Yug , while riding a white horse with a fiery sword. There are many Kalki in this text, each fighting barbarism, persecution and chaos. The last Kalki is called "Cakrin" and is predicted to end the chaos and degeneration by assembling a large army to eradicate the "forces of Evil".


Kishakar I like to write articles in Assamese and English. Allah is the proper name of the One True God, creator and sustainer of the universe, who does not have a partner or associate, and He did not beget nor was He begotten. So if Mohammed is Kalki avatar then Hinduism is right and Islam is wrong because Islam is against concept of incarnation. Who is Saint Ved Vyas? Even when, for arguments sake, He takes the form of Jesus or Krishna or Rama, no one can deny that He is hiding His real form.

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