Shelves: borrowed , self-development , business , fable Enjoyable easy read. It is hard not to like this book especially if you read only one or two books in a year. You will like this book if you are working in a corporation that believes in continuous improvement driven by the desire to be the best leader and world-class. You will take this as a work bible if you want to be part of a big change and that your contribution is being desired and valued.

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Welcome Note by John Kotter: People do not often understand the need for change. Businesses, school systemsand even nations do not know understand what to do, how to make it happen and how to make it stick. This book shows the traps in which people often fall while facing the challenge of change - using a fable. A fable is used in …show more content… Will we answer that we knew and did not act?

It does not melt and my father had found it near the shore. What we can do is to fill it with water and seal it with a fish bone. If on freezing during the night it explodes, we call an assembly or we go with business as usual. Next morning the bottle was found broken and Louis ordered to call an assembly without letting the birds know why it is being called. The meeting began and Alice told abut her swim to the cave, Fred about his observation and Buddy about the bottle to all the penguins.

Louis concluded by saying that they will find a way out of it — together. Penguins were shocked but aware and were all thinking. After the meeting, a lot of people gave all kinds of advice.

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Our Iceberg Is Melting

Learn More Communicating the vision Organizations should ensure that there is a clear understanding of the formulated vision and strategies amongst all the parties. In their communication efforts, organizations should integrate different vehicles. This will play a critical role in creating adequate understanding of the vision. The resultant effect is that a large number of individuals will be integrated in the change process which means that resistance is reduced. Empowering a broad-based action In implementing change, there are a number of challenges that are experienced Kotter, , p.


John Kotter

John Kotter sets out 8 steps for managing change which managers and change leaders should follow if a change initiative is to succeed: 1 establish a sense of urgency 2 create a guiding coalition 3 develop a vision and strategy 4 communicate the change vision 5 empower employees for broad-based action 6 generating short-term wins 7 consolidate gains and produce more change 8 anchor new approaches in the culture All concerned by the change initiative must understand why the change is necessary and that it has to happen urgently. You then need a guiding colaition to sponsor and drive the change. This means a consensus between majors leaders in the organization. You then need to develop a vision as to where you want to go and how to get there.


Summary: Our Iceberg Is Melting by John Kotter


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