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My 30 day Insanity Asylum Results : Click for larger view This is my version of the Insanity Asylum Nutrition Plan Read below for the guidelines I did follow as well as the modifications I made to reduce my body fat from I also removed carbs except veggies from my last 2 meals of the day. Limit your portions — With eating 6 meals a day, this goes hand-in-hand but on average I ate about calories per meal, 6x a day Eat Lean — this includes lean meats, fruits, veggies, healthy fats.

I was already doing this pretty well but I added more healthy fats through out the day to more meals.

Things such as almonds, avocados, peanut butter, etc. Carbs are cool — Chose whole gain carbs instead of white carbs — this is something I follow very strictly and but as I mentioned above, I removed carbs from my last 2 meals with the exception of veggies and recovery drink.

Avoid Dairy — The plan says to avoid dairy and I was very strict about reducing my dairy to 1 serving a day which was a Greek Yogurt.

Hydrate — The plan recommends a minimum of 8 cups of 8 ounces of water and avoiding all juices and sodas! No Alcohol — no problem! I eat almonds, peanut butter, whole eggs and avocados daily. So of the 10 steps, I followed them pretty closely and was doing so previous to Asylum, which set up my body to start shredding fat.

The big changes I incorporated Asylum were 2 and 9. How many calories should I eat during Insanity Asylum? This is where I really disagreed with the Asylum nutrition guide for my body and goals: How many calories to eat. How I modified the Asylum Nutrition plan I ate calories on days with a workout and about on the rest day, which is well above what the Insanity nutrition guide recommends. Because at lbs, I knew that calories would create too large of a deficit to eat every day.

My 1 goal was to lose body fat while maintaining muscle. At calories, my concern was that I would enter a catabolic state and start burning muscle. Based on my weight and using the Insanity diet calorie formula, I determined that I would need to eat 2, calories while doing Asylum to lose roughly 1 lb of body fat per week. Sure enough, at the end of 30 days, I lost 5 lbs of body fat and based on my body fat calculations, I maintained all the muscle: I picked this up during my P90X days and found it to be the best.

How can I easily track my calories and calculate my ratios on a daily basis? I use loseit. There are many other alternatives but this one is very simple and easy to use. It has a pretty good database of foods already and you can just add other foods by reading the label on the food and plugging in the calories, protein, fat, carbs.

It will then total it up for you each day and let you know how you did. Make sure when you first start using Loseit and that you go into the Options and set it up to track Protein, carbs and fat!!

Supplements I took during Insanity Asylum to lose the body fat Shakeology — The fastest and healthiest way to transform your body is with Shakeology. This is the foundation of my nutrition plan and has really improved my overall health. I was skeptical of the price at first so I decided to try it out using the 30 day-money back guarantee. It will help you lose that body fat and give you energy.

Because it contains 70 of the healthiest nutrients in the world. It improves your digestive system, removes toxins, lowers cholesterol, helps you to lose fat and improve energy levels, hair, nails and skin. I have this every day for breakfast.


Asylum Nutrition Plan

Knowing that it comes from Beachbody — the company behind already proven names such is the Insanity workout, the P90X workout, Hip-Hop abs, the Piyo workout , Cize workout , Insanity Max 30 , etc. And the expectations, at least from my point of view, were massive. For one considering the brand names behind it both the Beachbody company and one of the best coaches in the world- Shaun T , as well as the selling line, at least for me, that this is the hardest let me stress that again — THE HARDEST workout put on DVD ever an adjective previously attributed to the Insanity workout program — created by Shaun T, the creator of the Focus T25 workout as well. Also, have in mind that you can now stream Asylum with the new Beachbody On Demand streaming service, which allows for streaming of workouts anytime, anywhere.



Beachbody , Reviews 0 After trying P90x and Insanity, I wanted to find a workout program that was shorter and was designed for professional athletes. Many of my friends were looking for a great workout that took less time, but still got some amazing results. Hence, I tried Insanity: The Asylum and wrote up a quick review for you. Insanity Asylum is a day exercise system that develops coordination, power, agility and speed. You can look at the Insanity Asylum Calendar here.


Insanity Asylum Get Shredded Nutrition Guide Pdf

Posted by Coach Mike on Apr 30, in Nutrition 16 comments April 29, — No matter how hard the workouts are, I find that the hardest part of a program for most people is the nutrition plan. I have been following a healthy nutrition plan since December , so I feel fairly comfortable with designing my own program. In fact, I follow alot of what he details out. He outlines some key principles that are extremely important. I believe that if you just follow these, you are already well down the path to better nutrition. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and one of your largest.


The Insanity Asylum Review – Everything You Need to Know

Posted by Coach Sean on Apr 4th, in Asylum , Workouts 2 comments Insanity the Asylum is almost here and I am getting extremely excited to see what Shaun T has in-store for us this time around. Asylum takes the same concept of Insanity and turns it up to another level. He was in incredible shape in Insanity but he is now at a level of fitness that we all can respect. The dude is ripped beyond belief. This post is the last update that you will need to read. It will answer most, if not all of your Insanity The Asylum questions.

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