Need for measurement: Units of measurement; systems of units; SI units, fundamental and derived units. Length, mass and time measurements; accuracy and precision of measuring instruments; errors in measurement; significant figures. Dimensions of physicalquantities, dimensional analysis and its applications. Unit 2: Kinematics Frame of reference. Motion in a straight line: Position-time graph, speed and velocity. Uniform and non-uniform motion,average speed and instantaneous velocity.

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An Innovative Method for raising of vegetable nursery by using Corrugated Galvanized Sheets The vegetables seeds mostly are small in size. They are first sown in the nursery beds for better care and then transplanted in the fields.

Some vegetables require special care during their early growth period. The production of quality planting materials or vegetable seedlings is important for having good yield. The farmers need to boost the productivity of various crops by practicing advanced technologies to feed the burgeoning population.

The integration of indigenous and scientific technical knowhow may help in boosting the production of quality planting materials and to meet the rising demand for vegetables. The low investment in the vegetable production will enhance the net profit. The majority of women in the village are poor and earn their livelihood through daily wage labors. With an aim to empower them through the entrepreneurial activities, these women were educated about the scope of marketing meat and meat products.

With the help of Society for Elimination of Rural The Minister applauded the important role being played by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in enhancing the agricultural production of the country.

He emphasized on the quality of researches being carried out by the scientists that have helped the country to be self-sufficient in food crop production. The farmers in many parts of the world are using different types of paddy transplanters that require mat-type seedlings. The Direct Seeded Paddy DSP cultivation is picking pace with the development of some improved varieties as well as on account of development of effective weedicides. At present, the farmers are slowly adopting the DSR Direct Seeded Rice technology and are broadcasting dry seeds of paddy in well-pulverized soil.

The mixing of seed in soil upon broadcasting by tillage equipments result into dispersal of seed at variable depth in randomized pattern, accounting to poor germinations of seed followed Popularization of Tomato var. Arka Rakshak in Bishnupur District, Manipur The Tomato being mainly grown for commercial as well as family consumption; is one of the most widely cultivated vegetables of Bishnupur District, Manipur.

Due to the unavailability of disease resistant varieties, the farmers of Bishnupur District were facing a reduction in tomato yield during the Kharif season of The on-farm trial on varietal performance of Tomato var. Arka Rakshak was conducted during , and Arka Rakshak was taken up during the Kharif season of and Arka Rakshak was introduced to about farmers. The on-farm trials on the Varietal evaluation of Tomato were conducted





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