Fundamental rights and freedoms All persons are equal before the law and guaranteed equal effective protection, without discrimination on grounds of race, nation, nationality, or other social origin, color, sex, language, political or other opinion property, birth or other status. Every one has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion freedom, either indi Officials of the France-based telecom company, a. ETC had in excess of 12, employees. Moreover, the telecom monopoly has been engaged in restructuring not only its human resources but also the services it renders, which is displeasing customers, writes The arrival of the France-based telecom giant was welcomed by many with a sigh of relief, especially for a country whose Internet connectivity has been very poor. One of the customers, Samrawit Yilma, 22, is a college graduate who is in search of a job.

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Ethio telecom Internet Services Ethio telecom Vacancy Ethio telecom is looking for young, energetic and customer focused professionals to increase its customer services provisioning to the level of Ethio telecom customers expectation. Hence, young and competent graduates interested in working in the ever-growing telecom industry are invited to apply for the below job openings before the closing date. Able to maintain a good and positive mind set, proper behavior, discipline and be punctual and regular to ensure that the departments objectives are attained and company rules are respected.

Prepare accurate individual reports about the front line activity to ensure that targets are met and Keep the history of all the reports, to permanently learn and adapt from the experience. Practice to be able to handle every customer, even difficult ones.

Ensure that all confidential information pertaining to the company and individual customer coming into ones possession is not disclosed or revealed to unauthorized person or agency. Create trouble ticket for customers. To reach its international traffic links and communication services, ETC mainly uses its earth station at Sululta which transmits and receives to both Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean satellites.

This agreement will increase the number of mobile services from 1. It was reported in February , that Ethio Telecom had The operator runs three terrestrial fiber optic cables with a capacity of 42 Gbps to connect Ethiopia to the rest of the world via Kenya, Djibouti and Sudan.

Under a law which regulates the telecommunication industry, attempts by journalists to circumvent Ethio telecom surveillance and censorship of the internet could be interpreted as a criminal offense carrying a prison sentence of up to 15 years. Most blocked sites are those run by Ethiopians in the diaspora who are highly critical of the government, however, Ethio telecom has also intermittently blocked access to other sites.

The Committee to Protect Journalists site was blocked in for several months after it reported the arrest and beating of the editor-in-chief of The Reporter. For almost two years following the elections, Ethio telecom, which is also the sole telephone provider in the country, blocked mobile phone text-messaging.

The government accused the Coalition for Unity and Democracy, the largest electoral opposition at the time, of coordinating anti-government demonstrations using text messages. In September , Ethio telecom resumed messaging service.

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Overview[ edit ] The telephone system in Ethiopia consists of open wire and microwave radio relay systems adequate for government use. Domestic systems are open wire; microwave radio relay; radio communication in the HF , VHF , and UHF frequencies; two domestic satellites provide the national trunk service. International systems are open wire to Djibouti and Sudan ; microwave radio relay to Djibouti and Kenya ; and satellite earth stations are 3 Intelsat 1 Atlantic Ocean and 2 Pacific Ocean. City codes i. Phone numbers changed from six digits to seven. In , there were 89 internet hosts.


Telecommunications in Ethiopia

Vokasa The ETC finances the expansion of histoey telecommunication services through vendor financing schemes. More efficient operations and customer-driven business processes Enterprise systems can help create the foundation for a more customer-driven organization. The software enables data to be used by multiple functions and business processes for precise organizational coordination and control. It retained its name as ETA up to November If you run a business, you will want to be telecoj to react instantaneously when a customer places a large order or when a shipment from a supplier is delayed. Donate to support water supply efforts in Ethiopia. Ethiopia: Telecommunication Ethiopian History Other parts of the country were linked by old and unreliable open-wire lines.


Ethiopia - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Statistics and Analyses

Tamiru is a former employee and current board member of the company. She is reported to have said that she will announce her strategy and priorities for Ethio Telecom next week when she assumes the position. She has however been part of the company in several different positions. She however left the position to venture into entrepreneurship; opening her own company called Doxa IT Technology Plc. Ethio Telecom maintains monopoly over the telecommunications industry in Ethiopia and is state-owned.

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