In , he was the head coach at Aransas Pass High School. During his time as a high school and college assistant coach Mumme developed an unorthodox, pass-oriented offensive attack that proved very successful at moving the ball, gaining yardage and scoring points. Mumme took over as head coach at Valdosta State University in The team was consistently ranked in the Division II top 20 and was ranked 1 in the nation in Division II for part of the season when they won their first Gulf South Conference championship. Kentucky[ edit ] On December 2, the University of Kentucky announced that it had hired Mumme to replace Bill Curry as head coach of its football program. Tim Couch was a finalist for the Heisman Trophy.

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Newton once had a crazy vision for major college football. It was the fall of As the athletics director at the University of Kentucky, Newton was looking to hire a new type of head football coach — somebody who could defy convention and appeal to fans in a basketball-crazed state. His choice was Hal Mumme, a Division II head coach who had built a peculiar passing offense sometimes described as "basketball on grass.

But his legacy on the passing offense has become so big that many universities have signed his disciples to lucrative contracts. In , few other teams were running such a system. Four coached their teams in bowl games this season, including two whose teams rank among the Top 15 nationally in scoring.

Two others recently were hired to lead the programs at Cal and Texas Tech. Three additional assistants were just hired as offensive or defensive coordinators. They just packaged up Oreos, and everybody loves them.

If only coaching descendants were copyrighted like songs, Mumme might be rich off the royalties, with most of his greatest hits coming off an obscure album — the Texas Tech football team.

Additionally, two players from that team were NFL assistant coaches in Another coach from the team — graduate assistant Dave Aranda — is the new defensive coordinator at Wisconsin. After three winning seasons there, the two moved on to Valdosta Ga.

State and Kentucky. Then when Tech hired Leach in December , Leach added more Mumme acolytes to his staff and built his offense almost exactly the way he and Mumme built it at Iowa Wesleyan.

Unlike traditional run-based offenses, it relies on throwing the ball from the shotgun formation, spreading the field and distributing the ball among several receivers. Like basketball, it tries to gain an edge through mismatches and creating space for its playmakers. Its conceptual roots go back several decades, and it has several variations, including those taught by other s coaching stars: Dennis Erickson, Mike Price and Joe Tiller.

It was the kind of economic efficiency that causes potential investors to take notice — big results from small resources. By forcing opposing defenses to cover more space, the spread offense gave smaller teams with smaller budgets a fighting chance against big-time programs with better physical talent.

Some bring their own spread notions. The overarching principle is still the same. Things have changed. With the proliferation of the spread offense, defensive coaches with experience against it have become more valuable. Now Mumme and Leach even have a branch of defensive coaches on their coaching tree. Aranda recently was in demand at Cal and Texas Tech before moving to Wisconsin.

Will Muschamp Florida head coach and Kirby Smart Alabama defensive coordinator were defensive assistants under Hatcher after he took over at Valdosta State. For perspective, Mumme offers a statistic.

In the first plus years of NCAA football, only 10 players had passed for 10, yards and thrown for touchdowns in their careers, Hatcher being one of them. The system still has its detractors. He says his shortcomings in major college football stem from NCAA rules violations at Kentucky and then scholarship restrictions he inherited at New Mexico State For traditionalists, the spread offense forsakes old-fashioned smash-mouth values of toughness, brawn and running the ball between the tackles.

In , Wisconsin athletic director Barry Alvarez, mocked the spread when he said, "We play football here. Such quarterbacks have been labeled "system QBs" — statistical products of a pass-heavy offense.


Preaching the pass: Hal Mumme's disciples still thrive

Mikaramar I wanted to be on the side of the artists. But he did have the ability to sell offehse as an agent of change. Coach Mumme starts with warm-up drills. That sometimes confuses players now more than the spread does, because most teams have three and four wideouts just like we do. And he might call the same play one of only three the team would learn 50 times in a row, mixing up only the formations.




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