They usually grow at low altitudes below 1, m , but has been found up to 2, m. Its habitats include lowland tropical and lower-montane forest, savannas , Cerrados , gallery forest, and disturbed inter-Andean valley vegetation. Human use[ edit ] From a utilitarian perspective, Guadua is the most important American bamboo. Due to its quality, the genus has been widely used for house construction along the inter-Andean rivers of Colombia and in coastal Ecuador. Guadua angustifolia, endemic to Tropical America , is slowly becoming well known once again as a building material.

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Everything Guadua What is Guadua angustifolia? For centuries bamboo has been used in everyday life and in many different cultures throughout the world. Kunth used the indigenous word "guadua" narrow leaf , which was the name given to this bamboo among the native communities of Colombia and Ecuador. Guadua bamboo is by far the most important bamboo in America, and is often compared with its Asian counterpart: Moso Phyllostachys edulis.

Trees vs. Usually, the growth cycle of bamboo is a third of that of a "tree of rapid growth" and has double the productivity per hectare. Compared to oak, Guadua even produces up to four times more wood. This growth is rarely surpassed by the native timber species of the region.

This means a productivity of 1, - 1, culms per hectare per year, and an effective alternative to wood for production of laminated and agglomerate wood columns, beams, girders, planks, panels, etc. Where does Guadua angustifolia grow? Its rapid growth, both aerial and sub-surface, the network of rhizomes that grow in the superficial layer of the soil 20 - 50 centimeters and its willingness to occupy disturbed areas make guadua an ideal resource for the conservation of unstable soils.

Guadua Bamboo Forest It is also important to point out that using guadua in industrial processes would significantly reduce negative environmental impacts on native forests, since guadua becomes a substitute for timber, thus reducing the pressure on the tropical jungle. Whenever we use bamboo we make a valuable contribution to the environment, with its high per hectare density, rapid growth, ready exploitation and enormous capacity for renewal without reforesting we leave the much slower growing hardwood forests untouched.


Guadua angustifolia

Para evitar lo anterior es necesario conocer y diferenciar todos y cada uno de los elementos que conforman el guadual. Tiempo de pausa o de paso[ editar ] Es el tiempo que permanece la guadua en determinada fase vegetativa, antes de pasar a una fase inmediatamente superior. Los entrenudos son de color verde intenso y presentan dos bandas blancas en cada nudo, llamadas bandas nodales, compuestas de pubescencia pelusa. Los rebrotes nunca se deben cortar.


What is Guadua angustifolia?


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