Keran Excellent book for twaheed beginners. This book is very Important to every Muslim. SubhanAllah it is a really valuable and fundamental resource for all Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Islam is the only monotheistic religion across the world. Tawheedthe belief in the Oneness of Allah, is the core of the Islamic faith. This chapter discusses the Reality of Magic, and the Islamic Ruling on Magic the practice and learning of magic is classified as Kufr.

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No trace of journeying could be seen on him nor did any amongst us recognize him. Now inform me about Ihsaan. Haashim was from the the tribe of Quraysh and Quraysh was from the Arabs. He lived for sixty-three years, forty of which was prior to his prophethood and twentythree of which he spent as a prophet, messenger. Allaah sent him to warn against Shirk polytheism and to call to Tawheed pure monotheism.

Rise and warn! And magnify your Lord Allaah. And purify your garments. And abandon ar-rujz idols. And do not give away something in order to have more. And be patient for the sake of your Lord. He remained doing this for ten years, calling the people to Tawheed.

And after ten years, he was ascended up to the heaven, where the five daily prayers were made obligatory on him. So he prayed in Makkah for three years and thereafter, he was ordered to make the Hijrah migration to Madeenah.

Hijrah means Moving from a land of Shirk to a land of Islaam. It is obligatory upon this ummah to migrate from a land of Shirk to a land of Islaam, and this is everlasting until the Final Hour is established.

Except the weak ones among men, and women and children — who cannot devise a plan, nor are they able to direct their way. Verily, My earth is spacious so to Me alone, perform your worship. Allaah called out to them using the title of Eemaan for them. And repentance will not cease to be accepted until the sun rises from where it sets i. He remained doing this for ten years, and then passed away, peace and blessings of Allaah be on him, while his Religion remained.

This was his Religion — there was no good except that he directed his ummah towards it, and there was no evil except that he warned them against it. The good that he directed his ummah to was: Tawheed and everything that Allaah loves and is pleased with. The evil that he warned his ummah about was: Shirk and everything that Allaah hates and rejects.

Allaah sent him to all of mankind, and He made it an obligation upon everyone from the two species of Jinn and mankind to obey him. Verily, I am the Messenger of Allaah sent to all of you. And I am pleased with Islaam as a Religion for you. Then on the Day of Recompense, you will be disputing before your Lord. Afterwards, He will return you into it and then bring you forth once again, i. Hellfire , and reward those who do good with what is best i. You will certainly be resurrected then you will be informed of what deeds you did.

Verily, the right path has become distinct from the wrong path. So whoever disbelieves in the Taaghoot and believes in Allaah, then he has taken hold of the firmest handhold that will never break. And its highest part is Jihaad in the Cause of Allaah.

May Allaah send His peace and blessings on Muhammad, his family and his Companions. I will teach you some words: Safeguard Allaah and you will find Him before you; If you ask for something , then ask it from Allaah; and when you ask for assistance, then seek assistance in Allaah. And if they were to gather together to harm you with something, they would not be able to harm you except with something that Allaah has already written against you.

The pens have been lifted and the pages have dried. And may Allaah curse the one who offers a sacrifice to other than Allaah. And may Allaah curse the one who accommodates an innovator. And whoever submits to Islaam is saved. Its main pillar is the Prayer. And its highest part is Jihaad. No one will attain it except for the best amongst them.

If you find any copyright violations please inform the same. I ask you to fear Allah before you spread the rumours and false information].


Thalaathat-ul-Usool: The Three Fundamental Principles [Complete Translation]

Footnotes The word Tawheed has by the grace of Allah, become a word which is well known amongst the Muslims of today. But do we really know the reality of this word? This is the kind of scenario which the Muslims are involved in, and what a sad state of affairs it is when we cannot even explain the basics of our religion to those around us. Some of us are so dedicated to completing our studies, that we engross ourselves in the textbooks for hours. Others of us love the western culture and lifestyle so much, that we can mimic and relay the words of non-Muslims to such an extent that we even start to quote chapter and verse from the latest Hollywood blockbuster! The cure for ignorance is knowledge, and in order to cure ourselves we have to take time-out to learn about this beautiful religion, even if it means reading articles such as this! It is true that tawheed is simply the oneness of Allah, yet at the same time it is something which is so vividly explained in our religion, that it is a life long quest for knowledge.


The Fundamentals of Tawheed (Islamic Monotheism)

Maunos Excellent book for fundamnetal beginners. A simplified presentation of the basic beliefs of Islam. It offers some explanations for their causes, such as the influence of jinns, and concludes with a strong warning against involvement with magic. Philips addresses this issue directly by identifying the most common ways that people fall into shirk.


The Fundamentals Of Tawheed: Islamic Monotheism





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