Uploading and Filing Form c Not Currently Supported Form c Information Use Form c to provide background information and certifications supporting prior period adjustments to income, social security, and Medicare taxes reported on Form , M, SS, , or File it with the tax return on which you are claiming the adjustment Form , , , etc. You may use Form c even though you filed the original return on magnetic media or electronically. Do not use Form c as a supporting statement for current period adjustments e.

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Taxable Medicare wages and tips, and Taxable wages and tips subject to Additional Medicare tax withholding Qualified small business payroll tax credit for increasing research activities , and Credits for COBRA premium assistance payments. Administrative errors are errors. If you want to correct just an administrative error, you can do it any time, unless it results in underreported tax or overreported tax. See below You can only correct federal withholding errors if you discover them in the same calendar year you paid the wages.

You can correct federal income tax withholding only if you also repaid or reimbursed When is Form X Due? The due date for filing Form X depends on when you discover an error and if you underreported or overreported tax. The process is different, depending on when you file you file Form X.

If you underreported tax, you must file Form X and pay the amount due by the due date of the specific Form after you discover the error. For example, if Form was due on April 30 for first quarter and you find the error on June 30 in the second quarter of that year, you must file Form X and pay the amount due by July 31, the due date for a second-quarter Form Use this Table "Which process should you use?

You can mail in your Form X. The mailing address depends on where your business is located. Form X Overview Form X has five parts.

You must include the total corrected amount, the previously reported amount, and the difference. Be sure to check your math as you complete this section. You must include a detailed explanation of how you determined your corrections. Form X is complicated, and every tax situation is different. Get help with this form from your tax professional or a payroll service.

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TOP Forms 941c to Compete and Sign

Signature and Certification You must complete this part for the IRS to process your adjustments for overpayments. Skip Part I if all of your adjustments are underpayments. Part I applies to wages only. I certify that


Form 941c (Quarterly Report)

Adjustments for tips Calculating the figure due in payment by the employer Amounts an employer has already paid, either on a semi-weekly or monthly basis, based on the size of the staff, and the payroll size Any underpayment or overpayment When Is Form Due? For example, if the July 31 due date is a Saturday for that year, the due date for that payment would be Monday, August 2. Here are the filing dates if you meet the criteria for the day extension: For the first quarter, ending March 30, you must submit by May For the second quarter, ending June 30, you must submit by August For the third quarter, ending September 30, you must submit by November





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