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There are many serious offenses that require only moderate amounts of wall-to-wall counseling. These as normally simple offenses, but an compounded by their circumstances. Wall-to-wall counseling is demanded before these things get out of hand. Failure to make coffee for the dayhos A coffeeless dayho is a grouchy dayho, and grouchy dayhos tend to think of stupid shit for us to do. Any trick worker aware that the dayho coffeepot is empty who does not take steps to remedy this condition will immediately be hit is the head with dimension lumber.

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Leaders have many tools available to them to assist them in accomplishing this Effective counseling will help make poor soldiers into It can correct marginal performance, and it can be used to convince However, there are some soldiers who will not respond to counseling. Perhaps the soldier is incapable of learning the simplest of tasks. The proponent of this publication is the U. Use of specific gender in this publication is for ease of reading. This publication supersedes FM , 1 April Many famed units used it as their primary motivational tool, and some used nothing else.

The Spartans believed in hard training and hard discipline, and wall-to-wall counseling is about the hardest kind of discipline there is. The Spartans were feared both in war and at peace, and they worked hard to maintain their image. Babies were quality-controlled at the time of their birth, and any not meeting the standards were put on the sides of mountains to die.

Needless to say, until the day when wall-to-wall counseling completely erased the desire of the citizens of Sparta to perpetuate the race, nobody screwed with these people. Patton General George S. Patton, the famed World War II tank corps commander, was a great fan of wall-to-wall counseling. One of his most famous wall-to-wall counseling sessions occurred in a field hospital. Patton believed He never used a kind word when a foul one would do just It showed in the way he led his troops.

It is sanctioned and approved by the Ministry of Defense. South Koreans feel that the harsher peacetime is, the less the soldier will notice the hardships of combat with North Korea. Wall-to-wall counseling rises to its zenith with the ROK discipline board. This group wall-to-wall counseling session is convened for offenses that would result in punishment by courts-martial in the US Army.

The soldier walks into the discipline board, wall-to-wall counseled, and is carried out on a board, either on a stretcher or on ice. While US Army wall-to-wall counseling is not likely to result in serious death to the soldier, the Korean discipline board is a model to be emulated by all US Army units.

You should wall-to-wall counsel a soldier when he needs it. And all soldiers occasionally need wall-to-wall counseling. Determining when this most severe of leadership techniques is warranted requires the leader to intimately know his soldiers and be aware of when a soldier is far enough gone that a swat to the head is the only thing that will adjust his behavior.

Minor offenses Simple infractions can be dealt with quickly by a simple ass-beating. Soldiers appreciate this, as it saves them Lateness Soldiers arriving late for military functions should be screened carefully before being wall-to-wall counseled.

A soldier who has never before been late would not benefit from having the shit beat out of him, indeed it will only destroy his motivation. A soldier who has been late for the past four months, on the other hand, is Especially Soldiers who have proven themselves incapable of performing the demands of their chosen profession may indeed be candidates for wall-to-wall counseling.

The source of their incompetence must be determined before harsh measures are implemented though. If, on the other hand, he has performed If a soldier has just graduated from Initial Entry Training and has in his MOS for the last two years and still does not know shit from Shinola, the soldier deserves his ass beat and it should be performed at the earliest possible opportunity.

Challenging or defying authority.


FM 22-102, Wall-to-Wall Counseling, Apr 2009




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