My teaching credentials are in the English language and English literature, not the Japanese language. Her garments are simple and monotone, consisting of a tanktop and a mini skirt, the length of which is quite short, giving a considerable degree of exposure. Accompanying screenshot caption 1 In her super-tight mini skirt, she thrives at the art of hand-to-hand fighting. Accompanying screenshot caption 2 Due to her form, her plain garments take on a pleasant appearance. This is not a joke. The book really says that stuff.

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My teaching credentials are in the English language and English literature, not the Japanese language. Her garments are simple and monotone, consisting of a tanktop and a mini skirt, the length of which is quite short, giving a considerable degree of exposure.

Accompanying screenshot caption 1 In her super-tight mini skirt, she thrives at the art of hand-to-hand fighting. Accompanying screenshot caption 2 Due to her form, her plain garments take on a pleasant appearance. This is not a joke. The book really says that stuff. She was then brought up by Elmyra as her foster daughter. Afterward, she is visited by the Turks many times, as they request that she return to the Shin-Ra headquarters, but she consistently refuses.

This [fear] is her huge weakness in vehicles! Cargo ship, airship, submarine Accompanying screenshot caption To put her motion sickness to rest a little bit, she always rides outside the cockpit of the airship. It was originally a weapons development company called "Shin-Ra Works," but after realizing the potential in [supplying] Mako Energy, it rapidly grew. Having taken it from a simple weapons development company to a corporation that controls the world in a single generation, he is a remarkably capable manager.

He excelled at the art of predicting human nature and guiding what the public thought. Accompanying screenshot caption His title generally held practically no value [previously], as he did nothing but flatter the President, but Rufus saw through his incompetence. On the surface she is an excellent and beautiful weapons developer, but her speech and actions are filled with poison. Self-centered and coldhearted, she is unconcerned at playing with the lives of others. Her self-righteous characteristics are symbolized by her [trademark] roar of laughter: "kyahahaha.

Accompanying screenshot caption She has a high degree of pride and frequently looks down upon her colleagues. She considers Heidgger an idiot and comparable to a horse. As a novice, he participated in the Jenova Project with Gast, an expert, but after he [Gast] left, direction of the project fell to him [Hojo]. Company employees keep watch over its progress and keep him informed. Accompanying screenshot caption Steeped in an inferiority complex in regard to Professor Gast, he repeatedly reacts with inhumane experiments.

Despite his position, knowledge and dignity, he says things such as "tra, la, la" and possesses other childlike behavior, which detracts from his character. Accompanying screenshot caption Because the Space Exploration program is currently frozen, there is little he actually does. There is a distinct line of demarcation between this man of proper tact and the other executives. His attachment to Midgar is deep, as he has watched over since its conceptual stages; therefore, throwing that same city into disorder is painful for him.

Accompanying screenshot caption In a meeting of the executives [during the discussion to drop the Sector 7 plate], he is straightforward in his position, frankly presenting his opinion of the situation, but as usually happens, he gives in at the end. Though under the command of Heidegger, they frequently use their own judgment.

As he carried thoughts of controlling the world through fear, his father regarded him as dangerous. After Sephiroth murdered his father, he was given a perfect opportunity to assume position as the new president.

In the hopes of finding the Promised Land, he initiates a pursuit of Sephiroth. In the latter half of the story, he works to conceive plans stop to Meteor and the WEAPONs, ironically taking up the position of protecing the world from dread.

Though he is still young, he has been active [as a Turk] for more than 10 years. After Reno was injured while carrying out orders to drop the Sector 7 plate, she was chosen as a newcomer to the shorthanded group.

The condition of his uniform suggests the attitude and personality of one who is irresponsible, but his self-confidence and pride as a Turk is twice that of most men. In his work and in his personal life he has his own way of doing things, adding his peculiar motto "zoto" to the ends of sentences when speaking.

Contrasting with Reno in numerous ways, mainly in putting work before talk, silence is the closest thing to his motto. Despite appearances, he is not bald for fashion purposes, this being a natural development instead.

Coming from the remote region of Gongaga, he went to Midgar about 10 years ago. Nibel mako reactor, destiny would take a sudden turn.

Accompanying screenshot caption Saying that they are "friends," Zack supports Cloud, his other colleague [who was sent with Sephiroth] -- [and] who has contracted mako poisoning -- up to the very end. He is always traveling, with pupils in various places. During a short stop in Nibelheim, he was giving fighting instruction to Tifa. Shortly afterward, during the incident in which the town burned, he went to the mako reactor to confront Sephiroth, and ended up saving Tifa, carrying her to Midgar.

After his wife died an early death, he treated their daughter, Tifa, with overbearing concern, [even] holding Cloud under distrust after Tifa was in a dangerous situation. At Icicle Lodge, with the cooperation of Ifalna, he would conduct original research that would make progress. However, shortly after their daughter was born, he was killed by Hojo and the results of his research were taken.

Accompanying screenshot caption While interviewing Ifalna about the Ancients and other matters, they began to love one another. They then led a modest but happy life, but A woman of the Ancients living in Icicle Lodge, she was the last Ancient of pure blood. While cooperating with Gast in his research, a love between them began to bloom, and -- making a home with one another -- they had a daughter.

However, during the peak of their happiness, it was snatched away from them by Hojo and she and Aerith became prisoners in the Shin-Ra headquarters, to be used for experimental purposes. Several years later, they would escape to the train station in the slums of Sector 7, where she would take her last breath.

Accompanying screenshot caption After escaping together with her daughter, Aerith -- to whom she had been able to pass on little of the traditions and teachings of the Ancients -- she entrusted her with the White Materia. As a member of the Jenova Project, she served as assistant to professor Gast.

The child who was given Jenova cells -- Sephiroth was born; and with the effects of the experiment causing irregularities in her own body, she removed herself from the public eye. Though not a very serious person, he keeps the teachings of the Study of Planet Life firmly in mind and takes part in anti-Shin-Ra activities.

Accompanying screenshot caption His complaints about Barret appear in his sleep talk. Also, in the scene where he gets drunk [while talking] to Cloud. Timid and kind-hearted with everyone, he easily loses his composure. Adding "-su" to the ends of words, he has the most polite language [of the members] in the group. She conducts herself in a ladylike manner. Secretly harboring feelings for Tifa, he went to Seventh Heaven frequently.

He lived in the slums of Sector 7 with his parents until resolving to travel. En route, he nearly yielded to the temptation of going to the Honey Bee Inn, but continued traveling until he arrived at Costa del Sol, where he would begin living with [a woman who became] his lover. Like Cloud, he has a harsh attitude. Accompanying screenshot caption At first, his mannerisms were only those of a harsh youth, but because of the love of a woman, he would grow into a man.

Held in high esteem by both local people and those from various other places, many people visit the village to be taught about the Study of Planet Life by him firsthand. However, Cloud is not able to listen to the words of the memory. Accompanying screenshot caption "Open your eyes! Hojo had placed humans in the devices used to form materia, and -- being drenched in high-density mako -- they turned into monsters.

Nibel mako reactor were not only placed inside devices used to create materia, but that they were, indeed, transformed as a result of exposure to an unhealthy quantity of mako. This is relevant, as some fans in the past have often wondered if, perhaps, Jenova cells were added to the mix. This passage would seem to indicate that this was not the case, and that the mako exposure alone was the cause of their mutations. In other words, this section confirms that mako can cause mutations.

In truth, Jenova began moving away from the Shin-Ra building on its own, and took on the form of Sephiroth. Accompanying screenshot caption This [that Jenova was being carried by Sephiroth] was a misunderstanding. The arm was not carried, but rather was detached here. Also, before entering the heart of the temple, if [the player] speaks to him, he will mutter "I am Just tells us what we know and presents the obvious notion that Tseng surviving that incident looked downright impossible.

It then changes to a more accurate display of its true nature. Somehow, she suspected Cloud of being the one to try killing Tseng at the Temple of the Ancients. Did an encounter with Tseng provide her grief? The fact of the matter is that the "Sephiroth" Cloud saw in various places was not Sephiroth himself, but rather the body of Jenova from the Shin-Ra building mimicing his form.

News of his death spreads to the people, but is he actually [dead]? Accompanying screenshot caption Heidegger and the people of Kalm conclude that [Rufus] has died. Additionally, after Hojo has been killed, each party member express a line, including Vincent, who is noticably deeply emotional. Although the ego of this Sephiroth Clone was stricken with an inferiority complex in the past, Cloud fights on and achieves victory in the end.

Vicious, extremely aggressive and cunning. That is what those monsters called "Jenova" are that Cloud and company fight during the journey.

Jenova came from an unidentified point in space, and -- though quite intelligent and cunning -- is nothing more than an instinctual monster made up of viral cells, which it seeks to spread to other lifeforms.

This instinct to infect other lifeforms -- and its desire to rejoin when its cells get seperated -- are the only things this creature lives to do. Jenova, discovered in the Northern Crater, was incorrectly identified as an Ancient, and its cells were to be injected into a normal human with the expectation that they may artificially display the abilities of the Cetra as a result.

Research was conducted at the Shinra Mansion in Nibelheim. Authority over the project is then transferred to Hojo. Approximately 30 years ago, the mummified form of Jenova was excavated and Jenova mistakenly identified as an Ancient; the Jenova Project then began.

Hojo was a member of the project; the body of his colleague and lover, Lucrecia, was utilized for experimental purposes, injected with Jenova cells prior to her giving birth.

Thus, Sephiroth was born.


List of Square Enix companion books

Well, today is the tale of witches, eh? So, those of you who want to ignore the teacher will be alright. I think knowledge of this witch stuff will be interesting to all of you, though, as it involves real magic. Also, this witch story is one your teacher personally likes very much, so please try to maintain your attention and lend me your ear for a little while. This tool would be able to function of its own accord, and be able to increase its own numbers. Their males and females are the origin of human beings, and we descended from them.


Final Fantasy VII – Ultimania Omega Translations

Mary Kirby and Varric Tethras. Instead of being primarily an art collection, the Ultimania was divided into three editions focusing on characters, scenario, and the battle systems. Also by Square Enix. The Official Guide to the First 30 Years. We are experiencing fxntasy difficulties.

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