David Einhorn graduated summa cum laude with distinction in all subjects from Cornell University, where he earned a B. Want to know more about his early life and time at Cornell? David Einhorn is the first speaker at the Sohn Conference, which is interesting since in prior years he was last or near last. We do not know if there is any specific reason but see below to hear what he has to say.

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Herbalife and NuSkin is being mentioned here as pyramid? Is pyramidding a crime or a scam? Why is it a scam? Are we not right in having illegal activity at the start of the semester?

We see a lot of illegitimate businesses or scam or schemes being passed off as business! Fair warning: This video is not for conservative folks afraid of taking a little risk to potentially hit a HUGE homerun. But if you can stomach some volatility Then I encourage you to watch this video. Who cares? Whenever Einhorn targets a stock to sell short, we should take heed. In fact, his track record demands it. Consider: In July , he shorted Lehman Brothers based on his belief that the firm was using dubious accounting practices.

And a little more than a year later, Lehman filed for bankruptcy protection, the largest filing in U. The data confirms it, too.

The only ones that make money are those at the top. So how does each company keep earning more and more money? In one word, churn. Or more specifically, they keep recruiting new distributors into the system. Once again, the data backs me up. And over at Nu Skin, management chooses not to disclose turnover rates in its filings. But they do admit, "We experience high turnover among distributors from year to year.

As time goes by, finding new customers becomes harder and more costly. And Herbalife and Nu Skin are already facing this reality Both companies have apparently exhausted the pool of fools in the United States, so to speak. If you want to try to profit from an eventual demise, be careful, though. Shorting the stocks poses a problem because they both pay dividends. So the longer it takes for share prices to turn over, the more the dividends cut into our potential profits.

The solution? Consider purchasing some cheap put options on either stock. Click here.


David Einhorn At 2015 Ira Sohn Conference Presentation


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Tesla CEO Elon Musk Blasted by David Einhorn at Ira Sohn Conference


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