Nerg Luke Sparks rated it did not like it May 14, Three biggest mistakes with the third novel are as follows: The first bleeds, the second resists. Galadream rated it did not like it Aug 03, See 2 brageonne about Il visconte di Bragelonne…. Agnieszka rated it did not like it Oct 18, Eventually, I lost interest, when I tried to read it in three separate occasions only to give up each time. He is struck to death.

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Shelves: french-lit I finished it! It took me longer to complete this book than it did War and Peace! I should reconsider my obsessive compulsion toward unabridged literature and my inability to accept a blemish on my record of consecutive completed reads.

This book just dragged on and on and on and on and Our friends simply serve to contrast the new kids on the block, to show the reader a transitioning world through politics and the integrity of a culture.

I did not find the story bad. I found the tedious nature of its telling nearly unbearable. As a serialized story bound together in, not one, but three novels, I have to scold the publishing world for trapping a novel-readers mind, habits and expectations in a story with no arc. It just keeps going! The novel form does not fully captivate this story. Would one staple all the scripts in one TV show season together and release it as a novel?

It felt like sitting on a bench watching the people walk by. At first, you absorb yourself in the drama between the first passing couple. But then you try and care about the grimy homeless guy who followed while still thinking about the drama between the couple. Then the studious girl after him just frustrates you and you want to go home.

I liked the story. I found its telling nearly unbearable. I will wait a while before starting Louise de La Valliere which I will eventually read only because of my obsessive compulsion to finish the series and my general inability to leave a literary investment unsatisfied.

And it was actually quite a cliffhanger at the end there. I like the characters even more as they age. I like their mature selves and the more mature reflections they make. Thus everything in him was emotion, and therefore enjoyment. He loved the company of others, but never became tired of his own; and more than once, if he could have heard when he was alone, he might have been seen laughing at the jokes he told to himself, or the tricks his imagination created Still, not altogether altering--but worth reading and appreciatind and reveling in.

Some nice quotes: "Avarice dries up the heart, and prodigality drowns it Creditors appear to me, by anticipation, like those devils who turn the damned on spits, and as patience is not my dominant virtue, I am always tempted to thrash them.

Here are some of his thoughts A woman unwillingly convinced is unconvinced.


The Vicomte de Bragelonne





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