Fantasy Warfare This chapter begins with a discussion of Histocial Warfare vs. On the other hand, there is a brief section about making PrCs specific to a campaign or making them generic in nature with the example of the bear warrior and tattooed monk formerly belonging to the Oriental Adventurers milieu and the Thayan Knight in the Forgotten Realms. The majority of the book is devoted to prestige classes. Your keen complere allows you to place melee attacks where they will deal the most damage. You can ride a mount in combat with ease, even bareback. The Swashbuckler is a lightly armored fighter who favors speed and agility.

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Goltigul Creatures immune to stunning cannot be paralyzed in this manner. Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that You can channel energy to increase the damage you deal in combat. What is wadrior are the Tactical feats.

Multiple weakening touches delivered on the same target are not cumulative. These reminded me of the material in Master of Arms where you have different combat options for your character. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Faster Healing 98 You recover faster than normal.

If your 3. You are a master of fighting with two maces at the same time, and have warripr to strike your foes with lightning speed. My favorite would be Wayne A. You rage or frenzy two more times per day than you otherwise could. Complete Warrior presents additional rules and advice for the creation and use of character classes which specialize in melee and ranged combat. The reconception works brilliantly and the book is likely to be of benefit to most players.

There are a few spells, but nothing remarkable, and new combat-oriented construct familiars. Ranged Disarm You can disarm a foe from a distance. You can turn your fist into an instrument of law. Those who missed the old advice in the Complete Books have a flashback with the section Warriors in the Campaign that covers ideas on how to play a campaign where warriors have the majority of the focus.

If this is the start of a new trend of epic rules being built through various books instead complee one, I welcome it. Most of them allow something like a free trip or disarm attack for hitting with two wildly different weapons. You run nimbly, able to turn corners without losing momentum.

You can channel energy to deal extra damage against undead in melee. Wake of the Ravager Dark Sun Online: To use this maneuver, you must be flanked and you must designate one of the flanking attackers to be affected by your Dodge feat. Usually we have good based characters like Paladins and Rangers. Pain Warriof You cause intense pain in an opponent with a successful stunning attack. A larger light weapon is considered a one-handed weapon, a larger one-handed weapon is considered a two-handed weapon, and you cannot use a larger two-handed weapon at all.

The Justiciar also looks like the one printed in Dragon magazine. You have great skill in combat. You can occupy the same 5-foot square in combat with any other allied Small creature that also possesses the Complere feat at no penalty.

On his turn, he chooses to sacrifice one of his 4th-level spells for the day, marking it off as if he had cast it. Arterial Strike 96 Your sneak attacks target large blood vessels, leaving wounds that cause massive blood loss. Prestige Classes The bulk complets this book is taken up by new prestige classes: You are a master of fighting with powerful bludgeoning weapons.

As this book is not intended only for fightersDavid Noonan clarified that Complete Warrior would be useful for: You have mastered the style of fighting with hammer and If you attack with a weapon in two hands, add three times the number. You gain a signifi cant defensive advantage while fighting with two weapons. General Featsof which type most feats are.

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