Dat houdt in dat het grootste deel van het lichaamsgewicht door de heup gedragen moet worden. Het heupgewricht bestaat uit vier botten: het darmbeen, het schaambeen en het zitbeen vormen samen de gewrichtskom. De gewrichtskop van het bovenbeen zit, stevig verankerd door banden, in deze kom. De botten zijn bekleed met kraakbeen.

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Coxarthrosis Degenerative osteoarthritis of the hip joint - coxarthrosis - is the most common disease of the hip joint in adults. Coxarthrosis is a degenerative disease, which leads to the destruction of the hip joints, more specifically, the coxo-femoral joint. Coxarthrosis can appear at one or both sides. Those cells have the longest cycle among the other cells of the system and, consequently, the longest regenerating cycle.

That is why, it is vital for this Coxarthrosis disease to be treated as soon as possible. It comes a time when the hip joint cannot bear the effort any more, so the degradation processes occurs and in the end, the disease that we call coxarthrosis. This disease named coxarthrosis is characterized by a certain rigidity in the affected hip joint, rigidity that will progressively increase.

It is at this moment that crackles appear in the joint. Consequently, the mobility of the body and the movement possibility are hardened. After a while, pain is resented at inguinal, buttock or knee level. This confusing aspect of the disease can make coxarthrosis quite similar to other diseases, such as gonarthrosis or knee arthrosis. Therefore it is vital for the diagnosis to be determined in order to receive the appropriate treatment. The pain becomes the main symptom. Initially it is resented only when walking, but the aggravation of the disease makes it appear at rest as well.

In the morning, the first steps can be very painful, but the condition of a person may improve if he or she remains active. At the beginning the pain is resented only during the day, but after a while the coxarthrosis aggravates and a symptom of this phenomena is the pain during the night.

If not treated adequately the degenerative process gets worsen and as a consequence of the intra-joint liquid loss and joint cartilage thinning, the affected leg becomes shorter and the limping appears. The coxarthrosis diagnosis is based on a combination of radiographic findings and characteristic clinical symptoms.

The lack of a radiographic consensus definition has seemingly resulted in a variation of the published incidences and prevalence of degenerative osteoarthritis of the hip joint a. Publicat de.

ASTM E466-96 PDF

Artrosis de cadera o coxartrosis. Síntomas, Diagnóstico y tratamiento de fisioterapia.



Artrosis de cadera: qué es, síntomas, diagnóstico y tratamiento


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