Thu Sep 21, 7: Wed Mar 16, 5: While at a high level it is best that an ETL architecture be technology agnostic, the physical implementation can stand to benefit by being designed to take best advantage tool the features provided by the technology. SAP named a leader in enterprise information management Explore why Gartner ranked SAP as a solution leader across multiple categories of enterprise information management. Batch data transformation tools can be hard to implement for cross platform data sources, especially where Change Data Capture CDC is involved. What happens to the data traveling through the pipeline?

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With Hevo you can move data in Real-time from any of your Sources to any Destination without writing any code. Point and Click Interface that allows moving data from any source to any Data Warehouse in minutes. Handle data of any scale with Zero data loss.

Automatic Schema Detection and Mapping. Real-time Monitoring, timely alerts, granular activity logs, and version control. Priority customer support over slack and email. Capability to build aggregates and joins Data Models on Data Warehouse for faster query processing.

Key Features: Centralize and prepare data for BI. Transfer and transform data between internal databases or data warehouses. Send additional third-party data to Heroku Postgres and then to Salesforce via Heroku Connect or directly to Salesforce. Voracity speed is close to Ab Initio, but its cost is close to Pentaho.

Key Features: Diverse connectors for structured, semi- and unstructured data, static and streaming, legacy and modern, on-premise or cloud. Task- and IO-consolidated data manipulations, including multiple transforms, data quality, and masking functions specified together. Simultaneous target definitions, including pre-sorted bulk loads, test tables, custom-formatted files, pipes and URLs, NoSQL collections, etc.

Data mappings and migrations can reformat endian, field, record, file, and table structures, add surrogate keys, etc. Built-in wizards for ETL, subsetting, replication, change data capture, slowly changing dimensions, test data generation, etc. Data cleansing functionality and rules to find, filter, unify, replace, validate, regulate, standardize, and synthesize values. Robust job design, scheduling, and deployment options, plus Git- and IAM-enabled metadata management.

Voracity is not open source but is priced lower than Talend when multiple engines are needed. Its subscription prices include support, documentation, and unlimited clients and data sources, and there are perpetual and runtime licensing options available, too.

It is a software Development Company that was found in with its headquarters in California, United States. PowerCenter is a product that was developed by Informatica for data integration. It supports the data integration lifecycle and delivers critical data and values to the business. PowerCenter supports a huge volume of data and any data type and any source for data integration.

Key Features: PowerCenter is a commercially licensed tool. It is a readily available tool and has easy training modules. It supports data analysis, application migration and data warehousing. PowerCenter supports agile processes. It can be integrated with other tools. The automated result or data validation across development, testing and production environment.

A non-technical person can run and monitor jobs which in turn reduces the cost. Visit the official site from here. It is a leader in the data integration platform which helps to understand and deliver critical values to the business.

It is mainly designed for Big Data companies and large-scale enterprises. Key Features: It is a commercially licensed tool. Infosphere Information Server is an end to end data integration platform. It supports SAP via various plug-ins.

It helps to improve data governance strategy. It also helps to automate business processes for a more cost-saving purpose. Real-time data integration across multiple systems for all data types. This product is suitable for large organizations which have frequent migration requirement.

It is a comprehensive data integration platform which supports high volume data, SOA enabled data services. Improves user experience with the re-design of the flow-based interface. It supports the declarative design approach for data transformation and integration process.

Faster and simpler development and maintenance. It automatically identifies faulty data and recycles it before moving into the target application. SSIS is a product by Microsoft and was developed for data migration.

The data integration is much faster as the integration process and data transformation is processed in the memory. Data transformation includes text files and other SQL server instances. SSIS has an inbuilt scripting environment available for writing programming code.

It can be integrated with salesforce. Debugging capabilities and easy error handling the flow. Ab Initio is specialized in application integration and high volume data processing. Key Features: Ab Initio is a commercially licensed tool and a most costlier tool in the market.

The basic features of Ab Initio are easy to learn. Ab Initio products are provided on a user-friendly platform for parallel data processing applications.

The parallel processing gives capabilities to handle a large volume of data. It supports Windows, Unix, Linux and Mainframe platforms. It performs functionalities like batch processing, data analysis, data manipulation, etc. It currently has a total employee count of around It supports data warehousing, migration, and profiling. It is a data integration platform that supports data integration and monitoring.

The company provides services for data integration, data management, data preparation, enterprise application integration, etc. It is the first commercial open source software vendor for data integration. Over inbuilt components for connecting various data sources. Drag and drop interface. Improves the productivity and time required for deployment are using GUI and inbuilt components. Easily deployable in a cloud environment. The online user community is available for any technical support.

The CloverDX Data Integration Platform gives organizations a robust, yet endlessly flexible environment designed for data-intensive operations, packed with advanced developer tools and scalable automation and orchestration backend. Founded in , CloverDX now has a team of over people, combining developers and consulting professionals across all verticals, operating worldwide to help companies dominate their data.

CloverDX has a Java-based framework. Easy to install and simple user interface. Combines business data in a single format from various sources. It is used for data transformation, data migration, data warehousing, and data cleansing.

Support is available from Clover developers. It helps to create various reports using data from the source. Rapid development using data and prototypes. In , Pentaho was acquired by Hitachi Data System. Pentaho Data Integration enables the user to cleanse and prepare the data from various sources and allows the migration of data between applications. PDI is an open-source tool and is a part of the Pentaho business intelligent suite. Enterprise platform has additional components which increase the capability of the Pentaho platform.

Easy to use and simple to learn and understand. PDI follows the metadata approach for its implementation. User-friendly graphical interface with drag and drop features. ETL developers can create their own jobs. The shared library simplifies the ETL execution and development process. Apache Nifi simplifies the data flow between various systems using automation. The data flows consist of processors and a user can create their own processors. These flows can be saved as templates and later can be integrated with more complex flows.

These complex flows can then be deployed to multiple servers with minimal efforts. Key Features: Apache Nifi is an open-source software project. Easy to use and is a powerful system for data flow. Data flow includes the user to send, receive, transfer, filter and move data. Flow-based programming and simple user interface supporting web-based applications. GUI is customized based on specific needs. End to end data flow tracking.

Minimal manual intervention to build, update and remove various data flows. The data source can be any applications or platforms for the integration process.


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With Hevo you can move data in Real-time from any of your Sources to any Destination without writing any code. Point and Click Interface that allows moving data from any source to any Data Warehouse in minutes. Handle data of any scale with Zero data loss. Automatic Schema Detection and Mapping. Real-time Monitoring, timely alerts, granular activity logs, and version control.





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