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Abstract Background Targeted capture of genomic regions reduces sequencing cost while generating higher coverage by allowing biomedical researchers to focus on specific loci of interest, such as exons. Targeted capture also has the potential to facilitate the generation of genomic data from DNA collected via saliva or buccal cells. However, thousands of samples have been previously collected from these cell types, and saliva collection has the advantage that it is a non-invasive and appropriate for a wide variety of research. Results We demonstrate successful enrichment and sequencing of 15 South African KhoeSan exomes and 2 full genomes with samples initially derived from saliva. The expanded exome dataset enables us to characterize genetic diversity free from ascertainment bias for multiple KhoeSan populations, including new exome data from six HGDP Namibian San, revealing substantial population structure across the Kalahari Desert region. Additionally, we discover and independently verify thirty-one previously unknown KIR alleles using methods we developed to accurately map and call the highly polymorphic HLA and KIR loci from exome capture data.

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Right here of course. Flysafair Flight Specials By comparing millions of Flysfair flights during the course of the year we are able to offer you Safair Cheap Flights. Fly Safair often do NOT include the cost of baggage in their ticket prices which allows them to be perceived as cheaper, often displaying flights from as little as R Commencing from the 27th November — tickets are on sale from R All arrangements to transport the bag as cargo will have to be made by the passenger.

Checked-in baggage maximum size dimensions 90cm x 75cm x 43cm An extra checked-in bag can be secured no later than 2 hours prior to the departure of your flight. The additional costs are: R NOTE: Any bag with a weight over 32kgs will be transported as CARGO Hand luggage weighing in excess of 7kgs per bag or too large to fit into the overhead stowage compartments will need to be checked in to the hold.

Hand luggage maximum size dimensions 56cm x 36cm x 23cm Unaccompanied Minors and Pets Unfortunately, the airline does not allow unaccompanied minors on its flights. Only children over the age of 12 are permitted to fly alone. Any children under the age of 12 are required to be accompanied by a passenger 16 years or older. FlySafair flights are unable to transport pets. Passengers may use their own approved aviation oxygen and should check the website for applicable regulation portable oxygen concentrators allowed on flights.

Guide dogs are carried free of charge provided the passenger is fully dependent on the animal proven through the necessary documentation. Pregnant women who are less than 28 weeks do not need to notify the airline, but those that are 28 to 34 weeks pregnant must present a medical certificate confirming fitness for air travel.

The airline does not accept pregnant passengers from the start of 35 weeks onwards. No pregnant passengers may be seated in emergency row seating. Be sure of your requirements when making your booking to avoid paying a penalty for changes. If you prefer certain seats you can choose a pre-selected seat in front for an extra R60, at the back for an extra R40 or an extra-room seat for an additional R These are not included in your ticket prices.

You will need your FlySafair reference number and the travellers surname to complete the online check-in process. If you have checked in online, you will still need to go to the bag drop-off at the airport if you have bags to go in the hold. Box , Kempton Park, , South Africa. I was really impressed by the spacious seating on the , smooth boarding and great service onboard First time Flysafair flyer Dianna Goodwin This was my first flight with FlySafair, where most of my previous flights have been with Kulula.

I flew from Fast Baggage Claim M. Sneldon To begin with, in my review of this airline, I would like to point out that the baggage claim is super-fast. A definite plus going on here! Flight attendants are um, attentive. The seating was ok Boarding is smooth, and has been every time I have flown with this airline, which is about I took a return trip between OR Tambo and George. First off, booking and boarding was simplistic and a breeze. I got a great deal on my flight prices. The only issue I have with Flysafair advertising the lower prices is that the baggage c Average experience Michelle Young Pretty new to low cost South Africa-bound flights, FlySafair provided me with a good all-round experience.

The online booking is fast and trouble-free, though you do have to purchase checked-in b First up, I liked the booking experience with FlySafair and they do allow for additional baggage a Good online booking service and extras can be added if required, though I had only Read More It means I am officially on holiday and what better way to spend it than in the Mother City.

A shout out to Flysafair too for al Great flights to Durban Flying my family of 5 around South Africa is always an experience. This time we flew Cape Town - Durban and back on Flysafair. The flight itself was pretty decent, courteous staff and generally a Anna Super Easy! Truly the best experience i have had so far when booking my travels online. Super easy and user friendly platform. I had a plethora of choices when it came to selecting the airline that i wante Air hostess was friendly and helpful.

Have recommended Flysafair to friends. Helen Maduray FlySafair flying the flag high I have flown on FlySafair many times now and they are just so on time every time. The prices are great for inter city travel, just to get away for the weekend. The aircraft is spacious and th


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