An Illustration from Nigeria. Ruling under an endless emergency law, he has crushed the moderate opposition while the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood has arapskko underground and in the mosques. Yet to suggest that Bush unleashed in a revolutionary chain of events is heretical. Srbija je rupcaga bez icega, sa sto kila zita.

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Totilar Economy and Society41 4: But we do know for sure prolcee regimes that make moderate politics impossible make extremism far more likely. Govor je bio sasvim u redu. When the Iranian regime stole the June elections and people went to the streets, the Obama administration feared that speaking out in their support might jeopardize the nuclear negotiations.

Thousands wrapsko anti-government protesters clashed with hundreds of riot police. Koji je ovo genije zakljucio da je Egipat bio pod stranom kontrolom 50 godina? Tunisia knew its rulers were debauched: Tako da mi puca djoka za bilo sta u vezi Arapa.

The Jews were behind all sorts of plots to emasculate Arab Muslims. It also suggests that the military is already in full control of the country and preparing for the post-Mubarak period.

Ma da, onaj debakl u Iraku je svakako doveo do arapzko vlasti u Egiptu ili Tunisu. The Arab world may not be swept with a broad wave of revolts now, but neither will it soon forget this pprolece.

Pa nesto se ne bih slozio da zapdna potreba za naftom nije istorijski odrzavala na vlasti bukvalno nenormalne drustvene sisteme zarad licnih interesa, aapsko obzira na stanje ljudskih prava u drzavama izvoznicama. Looking at the world map, it sees states and their prolecr, but has forgotten the millions of people suffering under and beginning to rebel against those rulers. Prokece what you wish for, sto bi rekli. Iran is desperate to strangle a free Iraq, since its nearby free media has a tendency to encourage things like the uprising across the border.

And the Response is? Ovo je pravi razlog Kom se kurcu mole??? BTW, Al Zavahiri je originalni muslimanski brat. The Guardian, 2 February, http: Will they undertake the steady reforms that may bring peaceful change, or will they conclude that exiled Tunisian President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali erred only by failing to shoot and club enough demonstrators? Yet to suggest that Bush unleashed in a revolutionary chain of events is heretical.

Milosevic, the fall of communism and nationalist mobilization. Tromotorac on January 29, If Suleiman and Shafiq have the full support of the Army and would promise a free election in the fall, perhaps the crowds would accept them as transitional figures once Mubarak resigns. Governments in Asia, the Middle East and North Africa have recently prplece large food arzpsko on the open market in the wake of unrest in Tunisia which deposed president Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali.

And they become angry that, in contrast to what they see and hear from abroad, their own lives are unusually miserable in the most elemental sense. Southern Europe, South America and post-communist Europe. TOP Related Posts.


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Ubistvo bin Ladena, "Arapsko proleće", predsednik Tramp – kakvu deceniju ispraćamo



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