Dec 22, Giddy Girlie rated it really liked it I admit: I read this book by accident. A friend recommended the Angelfall series to me, so I downloaded these books from Amazon and read them quickly before I realized I was reading the wrong books. Aristotle begins to explore the lower levels of Hell, where we encounter the Hell that Dante describes. Why is he wandering?

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It was quite a good read. The beginning was boring and there were some moments that I wanted to put the book down and start another one.

But the other half of the book was quite interesting,not as good as the first book but there were some moments that I quite enjoyed.

That was my favorite part of the book. Seriously it was one of the funniest book moments that I had. Beside that there are not a lot of breathtaking moments and the ending is not that unexpected. It was good but not how I wanted it to be. However it was a great book , a powerful story and it blends correctly with the first book.

Penryn now apart from Raffe continues her adventure to protect her family. Her family is not quite normal. Her sister can walk again and there is something off with her that no one knows what.

Also she discovers about things that angels are creating and their plans to demolish the earth. Main characters Penryn What I liked about Penryn in this book is her courage to do things on her own.

Also her modesty because she never accepted that she is some kind of a hero. Also the motivation she carries with herself is remarkable because even when her world is all falling apart she is determined to protect the people she loves. Paige Paige is one of my favorite characters in this book. Her new transformation makes her like a killing machine and I really like killing machines. I clear my throat. You should be afraid. You gave me the opportunity to crawl back to life when no one else could.


AngelFall Book II - A Novel of Hell

This is my favorite book of ! This review may contain extreme amounts of gushing! There simply were no words to describe how much I loved it, how it horrified me, shocked me, tore at my heart again and again. But This is my favorite book of ! But there is indeed hope for this paranormal genre.


World After


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