Production[ edit ] Producer Edward R. Development was looking to move forward following six years of rejection by Hollywood studios [12] when independent Canadian distributor Lionsgate Films acquired worldwide distribution in April Yorn also wanted to make clear that DiCaprio had no knowledge of the development history under Harron and Bale. Working from a new script written by Matthew Markwalder, Stone was brought aboard, whom Harron called "probably the single worst single person to do it".

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By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Learn More. For instance, did Bateman really kill Paul Allen, or did his rival move to London? No matter which way you spin it, the things going on in his mind are well outside the confines of psychological normalcy, regardless of whether or not Bateman is really the killer he leads us to believe.

We see this verbal behavior continue throughout the film, such as when he tells a model that he works mostly in " murders and executions ," as opposed to "mergers and acquisitions. Like we said But did he actually kill people? One of the more popular interpretations of American Psycho suggests Patrick Bateman never actually killed anyone , and the murderous actions we see played out merely take place in his unhealthy mind. One evening early on in the film, Bateman encounters a random woman waiting to cross the road, and proceeds to creepily walk alongside her.

In the very next scene, we see Bateman aggressively arguing with some non-English-speaking dry cleaners about not bleaching what appear to be bloody sheets. He aggressively loses his cool, and even threatens to kill the dry cleaner. The obviously frazzled Bateman probably killed someone the night before — likely the random woman on the street from the previous scene. Even less open for debate is the first time we actually witness Bateman kill somebody.

Some escort girls in an apartment uptown Last week, I killed another girl with a chainsaw Maybe 40! Is he even really Patrick Bateman? However, there should be absolutely no doubt that he is truly who he says he is, and that any misidentifications by other characters are purely their own mistakes.

In fact, identities are mistaken constantly and in perpetuity. Paul Allen is on the other side of the room over there. The first time we meet the real Paul Allen , he mistakes Bateman for Marcus Halberstram — a mistake he never corrects. Marcus and I even go to the same barber.

Does Bateman really have an alibi? The biggest mystery in the film revolves around whether or not Patrick Bateman actually killed Paul Allen. The real Halberstram, unsurprisingly, claimed he was not having dinner with Allen. Rather, he claimed he was having dinner with other colleagues The apartment really was full of dead bodies, and Paul Allen was definitely living there before he was murdered.

Thus, the owners understandably want to get someone living there and paying rent there as soon as possible. Rather than call the police upon discovering the closets full of bodies, which would devalue the property value, the owners quietly have the mess taken care of — hence why the apartment has been given more than just a new coat of paint.

She asks Bateman whether or not he "saw the ad in the Times," before informing him that there "was no ad in the Times" — a strangely investigative question. Putting two and two together, she calmly but sternly tells the confused and lucky Bateman that she thinks he should leave, not make any trouble, and never come back. Naturally, he agrees. Your joke was amusing.

Bateman is such a dork — such a boring, spineless lightweight. I had dinner with Paul Allen twice in London just ten days ago," he tells Bateman. But did he really? Probably not. After all, how can we believe Carnes when he already mistook Bateman, his own client, whom he speaks to on the phone "all the time," for someone else?

We also already know from Detective Kimball that Allen was mistakenly identified in London by another individual, meaning the confused Carnes probably dined with someone else entirely.

Rather, the film aims to portray the self-indulgent and hedonistic Wall Street elite of s New York in a negative light. Their attention is firmly focused on acquiring material wealth, lording it over others, and snorting cocaine in club bathrooms. Their biggest problems revolve around getting dinner reservations at Dorsia. Most importantly, there are absolutely no redeeming qualities about Bateman.

In fact, there are no redeeming qualities about any man in the entire film.


American Psycho

Development[ edit ] Author Bret Easton Ellis initially imagined a disillusioned but nonviolent protagonist. After a dinner with friends who worked on Wall Street , he decided to make him a serial killer. His first draft of American Psycho left out all the grisly scenes, which were to be added in later. In , in conversation with journalist Jeff Baker, Ellis commented: [Bateman] was crazy the same way [I was]. He did not come out of me sitting down and wanting to write a grand sweeping indictment of yuppie culture.


The ending of American Psycho finally explained


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