The lights on the buildings made them glow red along either side of the canal, which was perfect for my vampire vision. Not that any of the tourists that strolled along seemed to have any problem getting around or minded the chill in the air. Bobby trailed a few feet behind me, with the bag of my gear slung over his shoulder, should I need it. Not that I would think I would tonight. It was just a house call to one of our regulars, so to speak. But with vampire hunting, you could never be too sure.

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May 21, Jennifer rated it really liked it I was so happy to finally get the ending to the series. It was bittersweet and basically everything I wanted. I spent most of the series hoping for this but then it made me sad. I love Jack and Alice and it was nice to see things more wrapped up for them.

Hard to talk about it without spoilers. I know exactly how the book ends. I feel completely disconnected from all the characters. One of the biggest issues I have is the that love triangle is over. It ended at the end of Wisdom. Alice made her choice, once and for all.

The fifth book for Swear would be about wrapping up some loose ends. But there is no love triangle. Alice chose very clearly at the end of Wisdom. If you wish not to read it, you have that option. If you wish to, just highlight it. Alice was meant for Peter.

Elise was meant for Peter. When Jack was turned into a vampire, he died. He was technically dead. That screwed up everything. She was actually always meant for Jack. The whole point of their love story, however, is that Alice and Jack fall in love with each other before the blood bond kicks in. They got to know each other, then fell in love. This was my intention all along, and the whole point of the series actually was free will. Alice loved Jack because she wanted to, not because of fate.

But for those of you filled with rage now at this, shouting what? I love Peter! Writing a book is hard work and I put my heart and soul in it. I have no interest in working hard on something to have people send me hate mail. That would be a lie. You may not like my writing or agree with my choices, but I do.

I believe in and am passionate about what I write. When I think about it, it makes my chest tight and my stomach twist up.


Amanda Hocking






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