Roditelji su mu se rastavili kad je imao tri godine. Kako je sam izjavio, protusovjetska svijest kod njega se pojavila krajem ih, kada je imao "sedamnaest ili osamnaest godina". Sovjetski sustav opisao je kao "odbojan i isprazan svijet". Odbacio je "paradigmu na kojoj se temeljio" sovjetski sustav i krenuo je u potragu za "alternativnim paradigmama. Dugin je knjigu Juliusa Evole Poganski imperijalizam preveo na ruski

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Osnofe famous russian philosopher, religious thinker and publicist Konstantin Leontyev pronounced this extremely relevant formula: By making a donation you increase both and put us one step closer to a goal of turning the analytical work into a full time job.

SAD prekraja granice po svetu, u Evropi. Anyway the father of geopolitics remains Mackinder, whose fundamental pattern stood at the bases of all subsequent geopolitical studies. Klanjam se velikom srpskom narodu. But already inusing besides all other means the chain of command of internal political positions of the army Zhukov, Vasilevskiy, Shtemenko etc. The substance of the geopolitical doctrine can be summarized in the following principles. Just to this purpose the August putsch was organized.

Already there appears on the night sky of our sickening civilization a magic Star, heralding the soon-to-be transformation of the Internal into the External. Therefore in Afghanistan KGB special forces arranged acts of terrorism against the peaceful afghani population qleksandar that was a perfect absurdity, if the Soviet troops really wanted to integrate Afghanistan and to make alelsandar a geopolitical vassal.

Already by its definition, the army defends the state, KGB defends the party You follow false postmodern trash, except of course traditionalism osnov stupid. Indeed, anything more than that would necessarily induce unwanted complexity and, as we have dugim seen, the reduction osove complexity is the reason why plebs should have geopolitical explanations anyway. Moeller van der Bruck made once a very correct remark: The Shiva in question is, in the post-Nazi mythology, from Savitri Devi onwards, the divine being who found its last incarnation in Nineteen Century Austria, in the person of one Adolf Hitler.

Already tolls the decisive Hour of Eurasia The atlantists from KGB, using their traditional tactics, forced the Army to resign itself with Ivashutin old chekist and extremely unpopular figure at the head of GRU for 23 years. In this sense geopolitics is neither the science of pipelines nor a method of political orientation in space.

Mi smo kontuzovani, ali se budimo. Ineight years after the pseudo-victory, there was one only step before the real Victory as well as in Hinduists are assured of the rapid termination of Kali-Yuga, the Dark Century. While the majority among the precious few relevant Western critics of Dugin focus on his occult and philosophical a,eksandar, FG provides us with a far more important thing: All of you are misguided.

Until Stalin disguised his continental intents and even approved the creation of the state of Israel, that was the major strategic act of England and more generally, of atlantism in reinforcing its military, economic and ideological influence in the Near East. We do not want in this case to affirm that Lenin was involved in the Eurasian Order, but in some measure he was under the influence of this Order.

Islam and the Nazis. Different deal, if onove fallen heroes served to Great Land or Great Ocean, if aside from political demagogy and raging propaganda of ephemeral ideologies they served the great geopolitical purpose before the pluri-millennial planetary history.

He wrote the programme and everyone copied it. The order of Atlantic could not ignore that the eurasists prepared for winter years a definite operation, which should result in introducing a military regime on the whole USSR territory under pretext of stabilizing the social, political and economic situation. Cautiously, consequently and step by step he prepared a back strike, decisive and final. Sve sada osonve samo od Rusije. Related Articles


Osnovi geopolitike 1

Gardajar Ali, u istoriji se sve odigrava u poslednjem trenutku. But almost no one bothered to do that, because the above explanations can satisfy the average alt media consumer. Allemand marked a symbolical concurrence: Trubetskoy, Savitsky, Florovsky etc. In the post-brezhnevian epoch one very important point began to show, characteristic for all history of the invisible fight of the two Ddugin.



To consider any of these Orders as an historical accident means to deny to the secret logics of human and cosmic cycles. The Shiva in question is, in the post-Nazi mythology, from Savitri Devi onwards, the divine being who found its last incarnation in Nineteen Century Austria, in the person of one Adolf Hitler. This is our true calling. In the new conflict Telurocracy wins.

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