Flight Over Rio 2. Midnight Tango 4. I give it five stars not only because it is a masterpiece, but also because it would really appeal to prog fans. Because of the musicianship!!!!! All the musicians in this record are at least excellent pay close attention to the drummers , and Al Dimeola is a guitar God. Most of the songs are in fast tempos and have plenty of solos.

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It was released in on Columbia Records. The distinctive music on the album is a speedy fusion of jazz and rock , with lightning-fast guitar riffs intermixed with lyrical acoustical passages. The songs include explorations of Latin music themes, including acoustic genres like flamenco Elegant Gypsy won an annual award for Best Guitar Album in Guitar Player Magazine. He was still a member of Return to Forever at the time and was a stronger guitarist than composer, but di Meola did put a lot of thought into this music.

A near classic in the fusion vein. Al Dimeola, at the time of this release, was the best fusion guitarist on the planet. Mclaughlin lacked the energy that he had before Mahavishnu broke up and Holdsworth had yet to reach the great heights that he would find in the eighties. Dimeola is at his best composition wise as well as in his playing.

Al and a Les Paul are meant to be together. The guitar artistry displayed by both is unbelievable. This is a piece that can be listened to over and over. Unison 32nd note lines are just a part of this Dimeola classic. The writing is amazing and Al has never sounded better. The rest of the disc consists of a percussion piece and then finally there is the title track which is another Dimeola masterwork. The band on this disc is incredible. Jan Hammer, Steve Gadd, Anthony Jackson, and Mingo Lewis all are phenomenal musicians in there own right and Dimeola has all of them playing at their usual amazing heights.

If you are only familiar with RTF and are wondering why Al would leave them for a solo career this disc has the answers. And, this is his best disc from that period. He also helped the uninitiated understand that Jazz is a cross-pollinating "bastard" musical form in the best sense of the word that is beyond musical category.

I also love the best of Jazz Fusion. This is it! Back when I was in junior high school, I subscribed to Guitar Player magazine, and in their annual awards issue, Al DiMeola won best jazz guitarist and this album won best guitar album.

What I heard simply blew my mind, it was unlike anything I was prepared for. It changed my life. It even changed the way I play guitar. Al DiMeola remains my favorite guitarist, and this remains my favorite of his albums. You absolutely cannot go wrong with it. Tracks Listing 1.

Flight Over Rio 2. Midnight Tango 4. Anthony Jackson: Bass guitar tracks 1, 2, 4, 6. Jan Hammer: Keyboards, synthesizer tracks 1, 6. Barry Miles: Piano, keyboards, synthesizer tracks 2, 4.

Steve Gadd: Drums tracks 1, 6. Lenny White: Drums tracks 2, 4. Mingo Lewis: Congas, synthesizers, organ, percussion tracks 1, 2, 4, 6. Posted by Crimhead at.


Elegant Gypsy



Al Di Meola - Elegant Gypsy


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