Start your review of Achieving the Aim Write a review Mar 06, Alberto rated it it was ok Self-serving and disingenuous. May 21, Killua rated it liked it Let me first say that as a chess player I am a huge Botvinnik fan. His style of play and his approach to the game are something I admire a lot. I was therefore very excited to read this book. Although I have enyojed it from the informational point of view, it was still kind of a mess. There are many abrupt jumps from different names and events to some completely new places and points in time.

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If a match for the World Championship is an examination for a candidate, then it is now clear that the examination has been passed, and that the examiner himself was not sufficiently prepared for the examination. Is it necessary for the chess world that the same two chess-players should play the same match at the same time of year and at the same place?

I am most interested to hear the opinion about this, not only of British chess-players, but of chess circles all over the world. Moscow, May 3, In other words did I have hope of winning back the lost title? Over the course of two months I carried out analytical work. This established what the reader already knows. I might add that in the period from September to April I played too many games 50!

When I ceased to experience chess "hunger" I always played without any drive. I prepared my plan of preparation, but still had hesitations over taking a final decision. Podtserob came for me, we called in on Ragozin and Podtserob drove us up to the Lenin Hills. If you opt out of the struggle for the world championship then you will think up something else to undertake.

Pergamon , p.

BTA08 - 400B PDF

Achieving the Aim

A senior tournament is currently held in Suzdal in memory of Mikhail Botvinnik. The arbiter of this tournament is the 89 years old grandmaster, author of fundamental works about endgame theory, chess historian Yuri Averbakh. He knew Botvinnik very well and was his sparring partner before many competitions, including World Championship matches. Many Moscow kids were fascinated with chess then.


Achieving the Aim by Botvinnik M M


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