Preface Not many technical books continue to be in high demand well beyond the natural life of their author. It speaks well to the excellent work done by Abraham Pressman that his book on switching power supply design, first published in , still enjoys brisk sales some eight years after his demise at the age of Abraham had been active in the electronics industry for nearly six decades. For 15 years, up to the age of 83, Abraham had presented a training course on switching design.

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About this title Using this book as a guide, Pressman promises, even a novice can immediately design a complete switching power supply circuit. No other book has such complete instruction in one volume. Using a tutorial, how-to approach, Pressman covers every aspect of this new technology, including circuit and transformer design, using higher switching frequencies, new topologies, and integrated PWM chips. For this latest edition, Pressman has added in-depth discussion of power factor correction, high-frequency ballasts for fluorescent lamps, and low-input voltage power supplies for laptop computers.

From the Back Cover: A practical guide to state-of-the-art power supply design Nowhere else can you find, in one book, all the information you need to design a switching power supply.

And no other book on the subject is as practical, yet mathematically sufficient, without being unnecessarily academic. Using a tutorial, how-to-do-it approach, Pressman first explains basic principles and why thigs are done as they are. With a knowledge of basic principles, the engineer can easily cope with new design requirements and evaluate alternative design decisions. The topics covered represent all those areas where a design decision has to be made in commencing a new design.

These include: Topology Descriptions -- A quantitative description of the roughly 15 commonly used topologies. Maximum current and voltage stress on power transistors for specified input voltage-output powers are described.

The discussion permits selection of an optimum topology for the specified input-output voltages, output powers, and the selection of the power transistors; High-Frequency Magnetics Fundamentals--Ferrite core hysteresis, coil skin effect, and proximity effect losses; Transformer Design--Derivation of equation for transformer core selection for available output power as a function of frequency, flux density, iron and bobbin area, and topology; novel charts derived from the equations, permitting core selection at a glance; core, coil, total transformer loss, and temperature rise calculations; transformer design examples in major topologies; DC Current Biased Inductor Design -- Design of inductors carrying DC bias currents using ferrite, MPP, Koolmu, and powered iron cores; Magnetic Amplifier, Snubber Designs, and Resonant Converters; Feedbak Look Stabilization; Critical Polaroid Waveforms in Major Topologies.

This second edition adds chapters on the current hottest topics in the field; power factor corrections, high-frequency ballsts for flourescent lamps, and low-input voltage power supplies for laptop computers. About the Author: Abraham I. Pressman Waban, Massachusetts is a nationally known power supply consultant and lecturer.

His background ranges from an Army radar officer to over four decades as an analog-digital design engineer in industry. He has had key design roles in a number of significant "firsts" in electronics over the past 50 years. These include the first particle accelerator to achieve an energy over one billion volts, the first high-speed printer in the computer industry, the first spacecraft to take pictures of the surface of the moon, and two of the earliest textbooks on computer logic circuit design using transistors and switching power supply design respectively.

For the past 11 years, Mr. Pressman has taught a four-day seminar, "Modern Switching Power Supply Design," nationally and internationally to engineers from most of the major electronics companies and a number of U.


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Switching Power Supply Design, 3rd Ed.



Switching Power Supply Design



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