Storyline: A Lick of Frost Merry Gentry 6 I am Meredith Gentry, princess and heir apparent to the throne in the realm of faerie, onetime private investigator in the mortal world. To be crowned queen, I must first continue the royal bloodline and give birth to an heir of my own. If I fail, my aunt, Queen Andais, will be free to do what she most desires: install her twisted son, Cel, as monarch? My royal guards surround me, and my best loved - my Darkness and my Killing Frost - are always beside me, sworn to protect and make love to me.

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Prologue[ edit ] A faerie princess turned private investigator in a world where faeries are not only known to the general public, but are also fashionable, the title heroine is Princess Meredith NicEssus, also known as Merry Gentry. While her aunt tried to kill her as a child, she has since offered her the title as crown princess as the Court needs more heirs. The opening chapters show Merry and her guards Rhys, Galen, Doyle, Frost, and Abeloec in a conference room, being questioned about the charges of rape against Rhys, Galen, and Abeloec.

King Taranis has brought the charges on behalf of the woman allegedly raped by the aforementioned fey. Andais believes Merry already agreed to rule and abuses one of her guards Crystall in a sadistic rage. Eventually, Merry and her men convince Andais otherwise, but she still continues to abuse the guard in reaction to many of them leaving to join Merry.

The series of mirror-calls end, and Merry finalises the coming together of her, Ash, and Holly for later that night. Night comes and Holly and Ash arrive, along with all of the Red Caps in tow. She catches the tear on her finger and consumes it. Those of faerie who stand in that room with no faerie dog to keep them grounded, crumple to the floor.

Some of the crumpled men are revived by one of the dogs, but Frost stays down. The creation of the sithen faerie land allows the ring of fertility on her finger to flare to life and Merry realises that she is pregnant with twins. Each twin has three fathers like in the story of Ceridwen. There is also a dimmer phantom image of a 3rd child that has the potential to be born after the twins. Frost turns out to be the sacrificial king for the creation of the new sithen.

Merry prays for him not to die, and he turns into a white stag and runs off. Merry runs to one of the gardens of her sithen to be alone and grieve the loss of Frost. While out there, Taranis using illusion to appear as one of her guards knocks her out and takes her to his bedroom back at the Seelie Court. It is assumed that he rapes her, and then believes he fathers her children.

Hugh, some others at the Seelie Court, and Doyle in dog form sneak her out of the bedroom and into a press conference where she tells the press that Taranis made the Seelie woman Lady Catarin believe that it was Rhys, Galen, and Abe who raped her. Merry also tells them that she is pregnant, and that Taranis kidnapped and raped her. The book ends with Merry in an ambulance with Doyle, continuing to mourn Frost and her current situation. She is on her way to the hospital to treat the concussion she received from Taranis and to take a rape test.

Andais is a war goddess, and the sadistic Queen of the Unseelie Court. Founder of the royal male guard, The Ravens, who she has placed under a vow of celibacy that can only be broken by her or Merry. She is a sexual sadist and is widely believed to be insane.

However, Andais appears to have the best interests of the Court somewhat at heart, and has sworn to abdicate her throne in favor of whoever Cel or Merry can demonstrate themselves capable of producing new sidhe children first. Her royal consort is Eamon. Doyle is one half sidhe, one fourth hell-hound Gabriel Ratchet, et al. He was brought into Godhood for the first time by Merry, increasing his powers. Frost was originally the hoarfrost made "real". He was not sidhe-born but "re-made" by the Goddess and her Consort into a sidhe.

His lineage is half-pixie and half-Unseelie sidhe. His powers include the subtle ability to have everyone like him. He has also gained power through Merry. Galen is extremely unpolitical, naive, and idealistic, but he is also the voice of simple reasoning for Merry. Fortunately, letting go of those naive and idealistic ideals is allowing Merry to survive.

Kitto - Half-goblin and half-Seelie sidhe, his sidhe mother was raped during the goblin wars by a snake-type goblin. Kitto was given to Merry to cement her alliance with the goblins. He was brought into his sidhe-side powers The Hand of Reaching by Merry. Merry is one fourth Seelie sidhe, one half Unseelie sidhe, one eighth brownie, and one eighth human.

She is also mortal. Extremely prejudiced against the goblins due to having his face disfigured by them. Besides Galen, Rhys is the most comfortable and knowledgeable about the modern human world outside of faerie.

He is just as insane as Andais, actually more so because he no longer considers the wellbeing of the Seelie Court above his own. Taranis is infertile, just like Andais, but refuses to recognize his infertility. He is convinced that he can father a child with Merry. He hopes to have sex with Merry and get her pregnant so he can be king.

Offers Merry an opportunity to become Queen of the Seelie court. Holly and Ash - Half-Seelie sidhe, half-goblin twins. Both have agreed to lay with Merry in order to gain sidhe powers. In return, Merry gains two more months of alliance with the goblins. Sholto is half-Seelie sidhe, half-nightflyer. Queen Andais calls him her "Perverse Creature".


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