John Escott. Oxford University Press. The new edition includes the original Bookworms stories, plus the Starters, Playscripts and Factfiles, making it easy for you to see the full choice of books at each Stage. The highly acclaimed seven-stage system of grading, from Starter to Stage 6, remains the same, helping you to find the right level for all your students.

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It has a beautiful Abbey. A lot of people visit the city every year. And in the summer there are always a lot of tourists in the streets. Pete and Carla are students in Bath. They like the city. Pete likes looking at the beautiful old buildings. Carla likes walking in the little streets. She often finds pretty little shops there and goes into them. There are a lot of tourists in the city today. People ftom many countries are going into the Abbey.

He likes being with Carla. After some time, they are in a little street behind the Abbey. There are only two or three tourists in this street.

The shops have small windows. Some houses have pretty little gardens. They walk across the street and watch the man. Four or five people are listening. Pete takes her hand. They walk away. Carla says. There are some old coins and stamps in the shop window. They come from many countries. The shop is:small. Pete and Carla go in, and an old man watches them. He is the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper looks at them. Pete looks at some stamps from Canada and some stamps from South America.

The shopkeeper stands near Pete and watches him. She looks at some coins. She looks at Carla. Then he looks at the girl and she looks at him. And he goes into the back room. Pete is looking at the stamps. Carla thinks. Carla is happy now because they are not in the shop.

Hi But the sui i is hot and Pete wants a drink. Pete and Carla sit down. Pete smiles at her, too. There you are! He is very angry. The people at the tables near them : are surprised, too. They watch the two friends and the old man. Her face is hot and red. Some coins were missing last week. He watches Carla and Pete and the shopkeeper.

Then I went back into the shop. The shopkeeper is surprised. She gives him her bag. The people at the tables near them watch him. But he finds no coins or stamps. Where are the coins? A girl plays a flute. Carla listens to the music. It is Greensleeves. And then she remembers the flute player near the coin and stamp shop.

Then Carla, Pete and the policeman run to the stamp and coin shop. The flute player is going to walk away, but the policeman stops him. He looks at Carla. Carla says to the flute player. He starts to run away, but the policeman stops him again. And the shopkeeper was on the telephone in the room at the back. He takes the coins from the flute player.

After some time, a police car arrives. It takes the girl and the flute player to the police station. What can I give you?


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The Missing coins


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