Joven, incapaz de asumir su soledad, se enamora perdidamente de Christine, una de las cantantes. Movido por un deseo irreprimible, rapta a la muchacha. El FBI, la CIA y Scotland Yard intervienen con todos sus medios para descubrir a los secuestradores, pero es Quinn, el negociador, quien logra ponerse en contacto con ellos y cerrar un trato. Frederick Forsyth regresa al terreno de sus grandes best sellers.

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Following the arrest of Bastien-Thiry and remaining conspirators, the French security forces wage a short but extremely vicious "underground" war with the terrorists of the OAS , a militant right-wing group who have labelled de Gaulle a traitor to France after his grant of independence to Algeria.

They also decide to call him a code name, " The Jackal ". The triumvirate of OAS commanders then take up residency on the top floor of a Rome hotel guarded by a group of ex- legionnaires to avoid the risk of being captured and subsequently revealing the assassination plot under interrogation. He first acquires a legitimate British passport under a false name, under which he decides to operate for the majority of his mission.

He then steals the passports of two foreign tourists visiting London who superficially resemble him for use as contingency identities. With his primary phony passport, the Jackal travels to Brussels , where he commissions a master gunsmith to build him a special suppressed sniper rifle of extreme slimness with a small supply of mercury -tipped explosive bullets. He also acquires a set of forged French identity papers from a professional forger.

The latter makes the mistake of attempting to blackmail him, for which the Jackal kills him and locks his body in a large trunk where he determines it will not be found for a considerable time. After exhaustively researching a series of books and articles by, and about, de Gaulle, the Jackal travels to Paris to reconnoitre the most favourable spot and the best possible day for the assassination. Roger Frey , the French Minister of the Interior , convenes a conference of the heads of the French security forces.

Because Rodin and his men are in the hotel under heavy guard, they cannot be caught and interrogated about the assassin. When asked to name the best detective in France, he volunteers his own deputy commissioner, Claude Lebel. He first calls upon his " old boy network " of foreign intelligence and police contacts to inquire if they have any records of a top-class political assassin.

Most of the inquiries are fruitless, but in the United Kingdom, the inquiry is eventually passed on to the Special Branch of Scotland Yard , and another veteran detective, Superintendent Bryn Thomas. Additionally, Thomas also learns that the assassin was an Englishman, whom he is able to identify as Charles Calthrop.

To his surprise, Thomas is summoned in person by the Prime Minister unnamed, but most probably intended to represent Harold Macmillan , who informs him that word of his inquiries has reached higher circles in the British government. Checking out the name of Charles Calthrop, Thomas finds a match to a man living in London, said to be on holiday. The Jackal enters France through Italy, driving a rented Alfa Romeo sports car with his weapon welded to the chassis.

Although he receives word from the OAS agent that the French are on the lookout for him, he determines he will succeed anyway. The murder is not reported until much later that evening, allowing the Jackal to assume one of his two emergency identities and board the train for Paris.

The Air Force colonel withdraws from the meeting in disgrace and subsequently tenders his resignation. It is, he realises, the one day of the year when de Gaulle can definitely be counted on to be in Paris and to appear in public. Believing the inquiry to be over, the Minister orchestrates a massive, citywide manhunt for the Jackal now that he can be reported as a killer, dismissing Lebel with hearty congratulations — but the Jackal eludes them yet again: slipping into a gay bar while in disguise, he gets himself picked up by a local man and taken to his flat, where he kills him and hides out.

On the 24th, the Minister summons Lebel yet again and tells him that the Jackal still cannot be found. As the ceremony begins, Lebel is walking around the street, questioning and re-questioning every police checkpoint. Outside the apartment, Lebel and the CRS officer arrive on the top floor in time to hear the sound of the first, silenced shot. The CRS man shoots off the lock of the door and bursts in as the Jackal is reloading: the Jackal turns and fires, killing him instantly with a shot to the chest.

Origins[ edit ] Over the three years immediately prior to his writing The Day of the Jackal, Frederick Forsyth spent most of his time in West Africa covering the Biafran war , first for the BBC in and then for another eighteen months as a freelance journalist in — Upon his return to Britain his first book, the non-fiction The Biafra Story: The Making of an African Legend about that brutal civil war during which Nigeria fought to prevent the secession of its eastern province, was published as a paperback by Penguin Books in late To solve his financial problems he thus decided to try his hand at fiction by writing a political thriller as a "one-off" project to "clear his debts".

Four publishing houses rejected it between February and September because their editors believed a fictional account of the OAS hiring a British born assassin in to kill Charles de Gaulle would not be commercially successful, as he had never been shot and, when the book was written, de Gaulle was still alive and retired from public life.

The editors told Forsyth that they felt that these well-known facts essentially abrogated the suspense of his fictional assassination plot against de Gaulle as readers would already know it would not and could not have been successful.

In a number of special "40th Anniversary" editions of The Day of the Jackal were released in the UK, US, and elsewhere to commemorate the four decades of continuous success of the book, the first of 18 more Forsyth novels and collections of his short stories published since the release of his seminal debut thriller.


El día del Chacal



El día del Chacal



Chacal (The Day of the Jackal)


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