Shami Kebab The bawarchis chefs and rakabdars gourmet cooks of Awadh invented the dum style of cooking or the art of cooking over a slow fire, which has become synonymous with Lucknow today. The richness of Awadh cuisine lies not only in the variety of cuisine but also in the ingredients used like mutton , paneer , and rich spices, which include cardamom and saffron. Kababs of Awadh Kebabs are an integral part of Awadhi. Lucknow is proud of its Kebabs. There are several varieties of popular kebabs in Awadhi cuisine viz.

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The cuisine includes both vegetarian as well as non-vegetarian dishes prepared with exotic spices, herbs and garnished with dry fruits. The city has an elaborate menu consisting of kebabs, kormas, roomali roti, warqi roti, zardi, biryanis and many more.

With lots of dry fruits and cherries, it is made with the special basmati rice which is flavoured and cardamom sugar syrup is added to it.

The saffron colour as the saffron is also mixed to give a refreshing and amazing taste. It is a rare dish which most of the people have not heard off. It is a delicacy which you should try when you are in Lucknow and can make it at home as well. Murgh Mussallam is a whole, roasted chicken cooked in masala. The dish was popular among the royal families. The chicken is marinated for hours and then stuffed with boiled eggs. The chicken is then further cooked with chilli, cardamom, cinnamon, saffron, cloves and poppy seeds and garnished with dry fruits and edible silver foil also known as vark.

Earlier the kababs were simply small pieces of meat roasted over fire called boti kababs. Later with innovations and improvements were born Shammi kababs, Galouti kababs and Kakori kababs. Seekh Khababs The Seekh kababs have been an inseparable part of the Awadhi cuisine for a long time. Chicken Seekh Kabab Image Source 4. The dish was the speciality of a one-armed chef hence, the dish got its name Tunde ke Kabab.

The dish is believed to be over years old and claims to be unique because of the secret recipe for the preparation of the masala. Tunde ke kabab Image Source 5. Usually, an egg is added to the mixture for binding i. A small patty is formed of this mixture which is then pan-fried and served hot with mint-coriander chutney. Shami Kabab Image Source 6. Korma Image Source 7. With biryani the cooking technique is a bit different. Chicken Biryani 8. Makhan Malai served here is one such dessert.

Makhan Malai is a flavourful winter sweet sold here. It is an airy and fluffy dish with a creamy texture. It is served with a sprinkle of khoya and dry fruits and decorated with edible silver foil.

The street is full of vendors selling this sweet, to find which one is the best reach out to the vendor with the least makhan malai left. Makhan Malai Image Source 9. The handi is served packed to the customers. Mutton Biryani Image Source Warqi Paratha Warqi Paratha or layered paratha serves as an ideal combination with curries.

Street food forms an integral part of the city. Wheat is the staple food of the state hence breads form a major part of the diet here. The faluda is available in different flavours like almond, elaichi and many others. Kulfi Faluda.

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Presenting Lucknow’s Mouthwatering Awadhi Cuisine

Vir The rise and rise of regional Indian cooking. It is an airy and fluffy dish with a creamy texture. It makes the perfect combination with non-vegetarian curry. Top 20 Dosa Shop In Kolkata. You can find out how we store and process your data in our privacy policy and you can unsubscribe at any time.


Awadhi cuisine

Dive Into The History Of Awadhi Cuisine With 20 Delicious Recipes Sibyl Sunitha On Monday, 28 November caecbede7bee7fa 3 5 0 ratings A search for the true Awadhi cuisine gives us an insight knowledge about the rich cultural standards that was being followed from generation to generation. The Awadhi cuisine marks the beginning of the modern era of Indian cooking. So far we have believed that the modern cooking techniques were just recently been introduced but it is found that these techniques already existed over the years. As we dig deep into the Awadhi cuisine we discover the Characteristic taste and flavors of this region, this will make you recreate the authentic flavors of the Awadhi cuisine at your kitchen to be relished by your loved ones. It is often mistaken that Mughlai cuisine is Awadhi but it is not, Awadhi cuisine may have a slight influence from Mughal but both the cuisine varies. Lucknow, the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh is the land of origin for Awadhi Cuisine.

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