Jack also had various stories on the etymology of his surname, usually tracing it to Irish, Breton , Cornish or other Celtic roots. In one interview he claimed it was from the name of the Cornish language Kernewek , and that the Kerouacs had fled from Cornwall to Brittany. This deeply affected four-year-old Jack, who would later say that Gerard followed him in life as a guardian angel. He had one other sibling, an older sister named Caroline.

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This novel deserves to lounge around in a five star hotel rather than languish in a lone star saloon. Disclaimer Please forgive my review. It is early morning and I have just woken up with a sore head, an empty bed and a full bladder.

Confesssion Let me begin with a confession that dearly wants to become an assertion. I probably read this book before most of you were born. So there! If only I had the courage of my convictions. Instead, I have only convictions, and they are many and varied. However, I am sure that by the end of my this sentence, I shall be released.

My life was dominated by Scouting for Boys. I mean the book, not the activity. After reading OTR, my new mantra was "be inebriated". Mind you, I had no idea what alcohol tasted like, but it sounded good. Gone were two boys in a tent and three men in a boat. Typing or Writing Forget whether it was just typing rather than writing. This is like focusing on the mince instead of the sausage.

It was about dynamism, not passivity. It was about "white light, white heat", not "white picket fences". Savouring the Sausage OK, your impressions are probably more recent than mine.

Mine are memories that have been influenced by years of indulgence. I do maintain that alcohol kills the unhealthy brain cells first, so it is actually purifying your brain. I simply ask that you overlook the mince and savour the sausage.

Beyond Ephemerality I would like to make one last parting metaphor. I have misappropriated it from the musician, Dave Graney. He talks about "feeling ephemeral, but looking eternal". Dave comes from the Church of the Latter Day Hipsters.

He is way cooler than me, he even looks great in leather pants, in a spivvy kinda way. However, I think the point he was making if not, then the point I am making is that most of life is ephemeral. Footnotes on Cool Creativity and style are our last chance attempt to defy ephemerality and mortality and become eternal. However, the point is the attempt to be your own personal version of cool.

However, I am trying to live life beyond the ephemeral. Original posted: March 01,


Jack Kerouac




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