Check Price on Amazon The Jonsered CST Inch Chainsaw is a top handle chainsaw that is very powerful and is ideal for various applications such as gardening, landscaping, and farming. The chainsaw is equipped with a Clean Power engine that delivers high power, is fuel efficient and environment-friendly too. The chainsaw is very easy to start, thanks to the Spin Start with the spring-assisted starter and the Air Purge features. The front handle of the chainsaw is angled that helps you extend your reach and the chainsaw is lightweight.

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Service centers for warranty repairs might be located very far from the customer. Does not come with a case. Hard to find in stores. Is It Recommended? This product might be best for homeowners but falls short for commercial users. However, it seems reliable enough to work for a very long time.

There is a challenge finding this product in stores, but there are plenty online. Many customers recommended getting the inch bar although this one is 18 inches. At the end of the day, this is a solid performing saw and definitely a great investment! However, it has a unique two-stroke engine. The 2-cycle engine generates about 2.

The snap locked covers the most important parts. There is a Spin Start activates with one rev. There is an anti vibrate mechanism to prevent accidents. The turbo feature will make the chainsaw cut faster. There is a 2-year warranty. Very versatile, can easily cut through firewood.

You will need a screwdriver to adjust the chainsaw release mechanism. It might be challenging to transfer to the old Mac. Might need to oil the total pro bar properly. The oil intake hole is a bit small, so expect a low RPM. The unit might stop working after using it a long time for hours and more than 2 years, according to one customer. A new coil and ignition system would replace the older one if any problems develop from it.

Pros: Has a high amount of cc for a small saw. Small and light; weighs just right. Mid-grade saw. Many of the intake valves are small because the chainsaw is smaller than others. This unit is small and easy to handle. Because of that, it is recommended for people who might not do much cutting. There are over 28, chainsaw accidents annually in the United States. So whenever you are operating a chainsaw, always take safety into consideration. A wrong slip or fall could be lethal.

Here are basic safety guards that you should pay attention to: Chain Brake will ensure the chain stops without the kickback. Throttle Lock prevents accidental accelerations. Chain Catcher prevents the chain from falling off the bar when it breaks or loses its position on the track.

Anti-kickback chain will prevent overcutting and kickbacks. Hand Guard will prevent a hand injury in the event of a kickback. Stop Control will stop the engine with one-touch. Trigger-Lock will stop the spinning chain with one-touch.

Anti-vibrate provides easier cutting without the associated pain. Some chainsaws work better than others for different reasons. Low-end chainsaws are best for simple garden stuff. High-end chainsaws, which are more expensive, are better for commercial use because they are durable, easy to work and last a long time. Are you planning on cutting hardwood or softwood? Obviously, hardwood is harder to cut than softwood, so a cheaper, shorter and lighter saw might be best for beginners using through softwood.

The more expensive, heavier chainsaws are best for professionals cutting through hardwood. Is It Easy To Use? The main questions you should ask yourself in respect to finding the right chainsaw is how easy is it to use? We can mostly agree that high-end chainsaws are better. But it really depends on your skill level.

Professionals might not need much guidance in finding the right product. However, beginners need a bit of professional advice. A good idea is to buy a chainsaw that is lightweight. They are easier to handle.

However, they might not produce enough power to handle those labor-intensive jobs. But they are relatively safer. The lighter the chainsaw, the less likely an unexpected accident might happen. Most Jonsered chainsaws weigh under 13 pounds. Summary You have just learned about the best Jonsered Chainsaw Reviews. There are many models on the market. The ones in this review are the best ones for fulfilling your cutting needs! Hopefully, future chainsaws will use more technology features without sacrificing safety.

Since Jonsered was acquired by the Husqvarna Group, it has the best of both worlds. That includes high-end quality and durability. Some innovative ideas brought to the forefront are having drones carry or operate the chainsaws. That might seem far-fetched and non-beneficial, especially for lumberjacks who do not want robots to replace them, but anything is possible! One chainsaw type that many people are looking forward to is the 4-stroke chainsaw.

However, it will not get released anytime soon. Some professional chainsaws reach up to 90cc. Maybe they will go higher without sacrificing safety or workability. Also, longer warranties offered by manufacturers would be a huge benefit.

Currently, Jonsered offer 2-year warranties on all chainsaw products. Maybe they can offer 5-year warranties in the future. Jonsered will most likely keep up with any changes made in the chainsaw industry. Anything is possible in this innovative society! Our Best Choice Making the ultimate choice for the best chainsaw was very hard for us.

They all are great products with similar specs and features. Our best choice is the Jonsered 40cc 2-Cycle Gas 16 in. Chainsaw, CS It is cheaper and lighter than the rest and seems to complete both commercial and personal jobs effortlessly.

According to some customers, it cuts through firewood very good, which is a huge benefit for commercial users and impressive for a small chainsaw.


Jonsered vs. Stihl Chainsaws: Which Brand Is the Best for You?

So, as you might expect, forest industries are some of the biggest in the country. Swedish people also strive to create technological innovations. These two factors came together in in the city of Jonsered, Sweden. Jonsered has continued to advance chainsaws and other power tools technologically since the s. However, the company has gone through quite a few changes. In Jonsered—along with the popular chainsaw brand Husqvarna—was bought by Electrolux.





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