Ideas are the root of creation. Attributed to Ernest Dimnet in: Rhonda L. Theoretically, education is a mental training aiming at greater intellectual elasticity, but the question is whether education does not often strain, instead of train, a mind. Conversely, people with immense leisure find time for nothing.

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What are we hearing ourselves say? The Art of Thinking Little else was drawn attention to, but the characters of ancient history became familiar, and the main lines of the science of politics were inferred, even when they were not taught.

But his daily routine still shows two hours thniking to play as against eleven given to study, and the French champion on the game field, if he happens to be dull elsewhere, will be an object of amused wonderment rather than of admiration. I once took a foreign visitor to the house of a friend of mine where social improvement was the business of the salon. At any rate thinkibg have felt the presence of a brain.

He does not think of xrt declensions as something difficult or something easy, but as something which everybody has to learn and does learn. Soon he begins thimking suppress the native vivacity on his face and replaces it by good-natured slowness. Such experiences are familiar to all of us and often leave a deep impression behind them. Wilmer, since the last visit hardly absent one instant from the subconscious. Are not only their attitudes, but even their attitude before life, copied from models approved for standardization?

Early America was not young; it was quite mature. In a few moments his magnificent head bends toward the patient and a scene, unforgettable to those who once witnessed it, begins. In America it is in vain that parents are naturally inclined, and schools are more and more advised to allow children all the mental freedom they can use; conformity is too strongly established and it takes genius to escape from it. Check out the top books of the year on our page Best Books of We can be conscious of one reel unrolling itself—with many crazy interruptions—in our inward cinema, and not be quite conscious of another fixed image, visible, but not easily visible, through the film.

Then what are we really? The American elite knows and deplores this. The best psychology is to persuade the pupil that hundreds and thousands of not very intelligent people before him have conquered those dry beginnings by mere perseverance.

Apr 28, Shirleen rated it really liked it. I still read it without much difficulty when I have to, but it is not often, and if I had to talk, I know I should be ridiculous. Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. The mental stream is more like a mountain brook, constantly hindered in its course, and whirling as often as it flows. Docked a star off it due to the abysmal disregard of the author for fiction, which I found disagreeable and myopic, considering the erudite nature of the book.

I had not thought of that. This genius, every time he was compelled to write, relapsed into the state of mind in which he used to be, years before, when going through examinations at the Sorbonne. We shall revert to them in the second part of this book but we must note them here at once because their effects cannot be overlooked in an estimation of the quality of our thinking.

Do not read good books. L rated it really liked it Jan 21, They do not look as attractive as that conversation sounded. I love this subject.

Ernest Dimnet How many Americans fhe that their country is not a democracy but an oligarchy, and owes a good deal of its stability to that fact?

Perhaps one human being in a thousand is absolutely impervious to the charm of music: Sometimes he is a very simple man, the roadside mechanic slowly walking out of his garage.

Every now and then the young doctor says a few words which a score of pencils note down. At all events, their descendants are the most social people on the planet. At an age when impressions are as deep as they are insidious, uneducating education can produce mental parasites which, in time, are apt to result in inferiority complexes, or—a worse evil—can distort our whole outlook on life.

Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Most qrt realize that their books are only written, not lived, when they cannot separate themselves from their families and seek the quiet of an old town or remote country inn where nobody speaks to them. Prolonged solitude accompanied by a little fasting acts in the same way. The Romanticists thinoing proud of this sensitiveness and tire us by too frequent allusions to it, but it exists all the same, even in apparently robust intellects.

And is not a keen desire to be of use a sufficient claim to give tne advice? By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. There is no more striking evidence of the power of gregariousness than our attention to the divisions of time. Keep in errnest that his goal is to teach you to think: Books by Ernest Dimnet. He has acquired the terrible French craving for summing up complex realities in rrnest formula, and too often he has grown accustomed to the semi-philosophical jargon of the literary historian.

Here are the four conjugations, not one less than last time the book was opened, and as merciless as ever. Nor can Latin grammar. Easy is the word one hears all the time in connection with the art of teaching. Most Related.


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