Brarr Transferring Settings, Shows and Presets You can copy Console Settings, Shows, and Presets to and from a portable storage device such as a USB key disk for backup, transfer from standalone software, and transfer be- tween systems. If the desired plug-in is not listed, it must be re-installed from the original CD-ROM or other media. The Bus Assigns switches are the primary routing controls for the currently selected channel, letting you bus it directly to the Mains L—R bus or to any other mono or stereo group. Groups Assigns the Output Faders to Group levels.

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When the Pre button is off, the pickoff point is Post-Fader. Go to the Inputs page. In this mode, meter venuw is instantaneous, showing the true peak level of the metered signal.

Toggling one channel from Off to On results in both channels switching On; toggling one of the linked channels from On to Off results in both channels switching Off. Click the Input Assign pop-up menu at the bottom of the Viewing Group Bus Assignments On-Screen Members list, choose Replace With Mix From, then choose the When a Group bus channel is targeted on-screen, its members Group whose assignments you want to copy to the currently are shown in a list on the right side of the Outputs page.

Page 70 Talkback Dim Level Sets the dim level, which is the amount of attenuation applied to the mix on the output bus when Talk- back is activated. Snapshots Snapshots let you flexibly store and recall a wide range of mixing parameters. Previous Instantly recalls the snapshot prior to the most re- cently recalled snapshot. Type Text Search Scrolling in the Patchbay Type Text search lets you use the keyboard for fast navigation To scroll through the channel list vertically: Control-click Hold down the Control key and click the mouse button News and Events Get the latest news from Digidesign or sign up for a Pro Tools demo.

Any Show files in the folder are displayed in the Duplicate to duplicate the file. Hardware Monitoring Window Hardware Monitoring window will provide infor- If you are unsure about how to troubleshoot a computer and mation that will be useful in troubleshooting while in contact its files, it is recommended that you contact Digidesign with Digidesign VENUE customer service.

Digiresign 20 Tighten all screws digidesing secure the monitor in its new position. The Profile carries 33 motorized faders: In the left column, click a Preset file name to select it. Inputs Select, name, configure, and adjust manhal for input chan- nels and FX Returns.

To add or edit comments for a snapshot: Flip to Faders Aux n Level and Pan stereo-linked sends 25—48, and so on. Page 63 Channel Compatibility and Input Channel Presets The following describe how different types of channel data is handled when storing or loading Input Channel Presets. This equipment has been tested to comply with USA and Canadian safety certification in accordance with the specifications of UL Standards: The family now includes 5 different consoles and a number of ways they can be configured.

Bypassing Ditidesign Plug-ins On-Screen The software screen can be used to patch, route, or re-route To bypass a plug-in from the console: Managing Group Bus Assignments Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Page 54 Digideesign file. Type a new name and press Enter on your keyboard. Recalling Snapshots Recalling Snapshots The Snapshot Recall buttons combine target and recall actions in one step, causing the previous or next snapshot to be instantly active.

In the Matrix section, click Edit. Continue to step 4. Zoom View Plug-In View Mode Identifying Rack Slots In Zoom view, a single rack remains on-screen to the left, and The racks indicate which plug-in is currently targeted by high- the rest of the screen displays the targeted plug-in.

Digidesign SC48 Its Mute switch is now lit solid. Load, save, and transfer shows and presets, and access the con- sole History. Show Files These files are used to store, recall and transfer sys- tem settings, snapshot, and events.

Preview Mode Recall and Edit an Existing Snapshot Recall a snapshot to pre- Preview Mode view its settings and make any adjustments necessary, being sure to re-store the snapshot before exiting Preview mode. Personal Q Mixers Personal Q mixer from a remote location. Click the Duplicate button on-screen. Screen Shortcuts To copy and paste channel settings on-screen: Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive. The main unit, which includes a trackball, master controls, faders and meters, can be expanded with up to three sidecars to give a maximum of 56 faders [1].

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